Smoky Mountain Historical Society

5 Generation Smoky Mountain Family Tree

Whether you are a first time novice who's caught the genealogy bug or a seasoned researcher, who seeks to verify your findings, a major factor in your research success comes from your ancestors who researched, documented and shared their family's history.
Since 1964 the Smoky Mountain Historical Society has been engaged in the documentation of the genealogy and history of the Smoky Mountain area. To share your family relationships will help build a more complete picture of your family history to be preserved for future generations. As an SMHS member we'd like to help you either confirm your data or get you started on your journey to become aquainted with your ancestors from days gone by.
We're happy to share with you what we have available for 5 generations of your ancestry. As with all research, for various reasons, we may have missing or inaccurate information on your family. Please submit suggestions should you notice any entries which need corrections or additions.
So, gather up your records, check with your relatives and family historian, dust off that old family Bible, and let's begin your ancestral journey.
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