Smoky Mountain Historical Society

Richardsons Cove

    The boundaries of this section are Highway 411 on the north, Dixon Branch and a part of the Middle Prong on the east, Campbell and Grassy Branch branches on the south, and Bird’s Creek on the west. Much of this area was a part of a 5000 acre tract granted to William Roberts and Isaac A. Miller in 1841 “beginning on a pine at the ford of Glade Branch near Captain Shults’ muster ground.” It was only sparsely settled until after 1850. Richardson’s Cove is the site of William Richardson’s pioneer cabin where five people were killed by Indians in 1792.
     Philip Roberts and Rachel Lindsey had grants on Bird’s Creek. Along the “waters of the Middle Prong” were the homesteads of Robert Shields, Jr. and William Shields, George Oldham, James Clark, Josiah Maples, William Mitchell, Joel Ivy, Samuel and James Ferguson, Alexander Bohanon, and Isaac Veach.
    The Red Bank Baptist Church, originally an arm of the Church in the Forks, was constituted in 1840. Other Baptist churches are the Richardson Cove, Shady Grove, Zion Grove and Evans Chapel. Caton’s Chapel was the site of a Methodist Church founded in 1852. In later years, Smoky Mountain Academy, founded by the Baptists, and Pittman Center, founded by the Methodists, were vital educational centers for the youth of the county.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The cemeteries in this section were transcribed by Wanda Fisher, Thelma Greene Reagan, Esta Shields, Olene Large Cagle, Omajane Meridieth, David Templin, and Cherel Henderson.
1.      Barnes
2.      Clark
3.      James Campbell
4.      Catons Chapel
5.      Emert Cove
6.      Evans Chapel
7.      Grassy
8.      Green
9.      Headrick
10.    James
11.   Justus
12.   Martin Justus
13.   Murphy Chapel
14.   Owens
15.   Paine
16.   Red Bank
17.   Richardson Cove
18.   Richardson Graveyard
19.   Roberts
20.   West Reagan
21.   Col. John Springs
22.   Seaton Springs Burial
23.   Shady Grove
24.   Sneed
25.   Sutton
26.   Unidentified
27.   Unidentified
28.   Unidentified
29.   Valentine Manis
30.   Zion Grove