Smoky Mountain Historical Society

Jones Cove

Situated between the Wilhite community on English Mountain and the Great Smoky Mountains, the Jones Cove valley is a rolling countryside especially adapted for large farms.
John Jones had an occupancy land grant of 158 acres in 1808. It is believed that the Jones family and the William Henry family from Berkley County, Virginia, came to the cove about the same time.
Among other early settlers in Jones Cove were Archibald McMahan, Samuel Large, John Williams, James Stinett, William Smallwood, Robert Duggan, John Baughman, Jacob Layman, John R. Allen, and William McKissick.
Bethel Baptist Church on the Jones Cove Road was founded in 1804 as an arm of the Forks of Little Pigeon Baptist Church.
The New Salem Baptist Church was organized in 1845 in an old log school house which stood only a short distance from where the present church is located.
A school house was a boundary line on a survey for Robert Duggan in 1807.
The Wilhite area lies along the south side of English Mountain. The Wilhite section was the home of many Hurst and Breeden families.
In this section there are over sixty cemeteries, the majority of which are small family cemeteries.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The cemeteries in Jones Cove were transcribed by Olene Large Cagle, Omajane Meridieth, Thelma Greene Reagan, Grace Etherton, Beulah D. Linn, Wanda Fisher, David Templin, Cherel Henderson, Duay O'Neil, Nancy O'Neil, Charlene Williams and Anna R. Williamson. We would like to extend our special thanks to Burr Hurst, Raymond Hurst, Johnny and Judy Williamson, and Joe Dockery, who helped us locate many of these remote cemeteries.