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Gatlinburg (East on US321)

The community of White Oak Flats, later called Gatlinburg, after the name of the post office in 1856, was settled in the early 1800's by pioneer families with the surname of Ogle, Reagan, Whaley, Huskey, Maples, McCarter, Bradley, Watson, Conner, Oakley, Clabough, Bohannon, Trentham and others.
In 1817 Thomas Ogle and wife, Hercules Ogle and wife, John Roberts and wife, Isaac Ogle, Middleton Whaley, William Whaley and wife, Sarah Huskey, Metty Bohanon, Sararh Thurman and Marthy Ogle were received as members of the Arm of the Baptist Church in the Forks.
Baptist churches in Greenbriar (1841), the Sugarlands (1844), Mill Creek School House (1873), Lebanon (1875), Roaring Fork (1881), Banner in the Maples School (1892), originally were arms of the White Oak Flats Church.
On December 10, 1863 a Civil War skirmish was fought at a small fort on Burg Hill.
Emerts Cove was settled by Frederick Emert, Martin Shultz, and John Roberts ca. 1794-1795, who had occupancy land grants.
In the early 1840's, Daniel Emert gave the land for the Emert's Cove Methodist Church which was washed away in a flood.
The descendants of Martin Shultz, Jr. and his wife Barbara Ann Emert established their homesteads along Webb's Creek where their family cemeteries are located at the present time.
Many of the monuments in the cemeteries in this section are slates with beautiful hand carved decorations.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: The cemeteries in this section were copied by Olin Watson, Wanda Fisher, Grace Etherton, Beulah D. Linn, Donald B. Reagan, Glen Cardwell, Steve Cotham, Olene Large Cagle, Thelma Greene Reagan, Omajane Meridieth, Margaret Crabtree, Margaret Roth, David Templin and Cherel Henderson.
1 Banner
2 Binfield
4 Cartertown
5 Clear Springs
6 Cogdill
7 Eslinger
8 Herman Carr
9 Fowler
10 Glades Lebanon
11 Huskey
12 Matthews
13 Moore
14 Morris-Proffitt
15 Morris
16 McCarte-Williams
17 Ogle
18 Ogle Family
19 Aaron Ownby
20 Ownby Addition
21 Parton
22 Proffitt
23 Benajah Proffitt
24 Ramsey
25 Ridings Williams
26  Shults
27 Shults
28 Shults
29 Shults-Whaley
30 P.W. Shults
31 Archibald Shults
32 Spurgeon
33 Smith-Branam
34 Joe Sutton
35 Tudor (Hills Creek)
36  Unidentified
37 Unidentified
38 Webbs Creek
39 White Oaks Flats
40 Whitted
41  Williams