Smoky Mountain Historical Society
We get lots of questions about what genealogy software to use or should you use a web-based application. Both have their strong points. Each has its strong points and limitations. No one option has everything, In my opinion, there are 3 computer-based programs I use to help support our users when they have questions. Two have at this time a Mac version Family-Tree-Maker 2019 and Roots Magic 7( soon to be 8) as well as a PC Version. Legacy-family Tree 9 at this time is PC only. Both Roots Magic and FTM allow you to work with the software on your computer and have it sync with an online tree at Legacy will be doing that with My Heritage in a future version. We have chosen TNG as our online member tree choice. We chose it because the size of our tree is too big for the three personal computer software programs. It is designed to be a family tree website. I do the research in FTM and export a file that I upload to our TNG site. It is over 1.15 million names and growing.  
TNG The Next Generation Website genealogy software
Roots Magic 7
Legacy Family Tree
Both Roots and Legacy offer a free trial version with some features limited.
Family Tree-maker 2019
was just released last month.
Adobe Bridge
Great free program to organize and your images and you can add meta data about the photos in your files
Heritage Collector
worth every penny, allows you to add names to people in photos, creat and organize collections and a lot more.
Heritage Collector makes it possible to organize and access your Family history Photos, files, ad documents in ope application, easy searching.
Charting Companion
Map My Family Tree
AniMap Software