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Gibson Family Reunion

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Gibson Family Reunion
Posted: 10/08/2013 - 11:03 pm

Debra Gibson Blalock

To all my Gibson friends and relatives out there, listen up. A Gibson reunion will be held Sunday, Oct. 20, 2013 at 12:30. It will be held at the New Era Baptist Church Fellowship Bldg. We have had very few reunions in my lifetime and I'd like to have one before anyone else get's dead. I hope everyone that can, will attend. If you have pictures you'd like to bring, we'd love to display them. The Fellowship Bldg. is in the curve where you turn off New Era Rd. to go to Aunt Pearl's. If you need directions to avoid traffic, let me know. There are several ways to get there without having to sit in traffic. I know there are relatives on fb that I'm not friends with. If you think you are friends with someone that I'm not, please tell them about this. Also if you have relatives that aren't on fb please pass the word along. Sadly enough, many of us don't even know a lot of our kin. This will be a good opportunity to get acquainted and reacquainted. Don Gibson has a wealth of knowledge and information on the Gibson ancestry. I'm in hope's he will attend and lay some knowledge on us. I hope you'll make a special effort to come. If you need to call me for any reason, my # is 865-453-3283. If I'm not home, please leave a message. Looking forward to a great gathering.