Smoky Mountain Historical Society
The SMHS Board of Directors approved a revision to the SMHS Constitution and presented it for review at the January 20, 2019 meeting.  The membership will vote on the proposed changes during the March 17, 2019 meeting.
Smoky Mountain Historical Society
Constitution & By-laws
The name of this society shall be Smoky Mountain Historical Society. It shall primarily encompass the Tennessee counties of Blount, Cocke, and Sevier that border the Great Smoky Mountains.
ARTICLE II -- Mission
The mission of this Society is to perpetuate the cultural and genealogical studies and histories of the Tennessee counties of Blount, Cocke and Sevier; to promote a sense of pride through our heritage and connections associated with the Great Smoky Mountains.
ARTICLE III -- Objectives
To accomplish its mission the Society shall:
  1. discover and collect any material of the area which may help to:
    • establish or illustrate its history;
    • show its progress in population, exploration, settlement and development;
    • document its activities in peace and war;
    • chronicle its progress in wealth, education, art, science, agriculture, commerce, and industry.
  2. facilitate the aforesaid through the acquisition of material such as:
    • histories, genealogies, biographies, directories, descriptions, gazetteers, newspapers, pamphlets, catalogs, circulars, handbills, programs, and posters;
    • manuscripts, letters, diaries, reminiscences, journals, memoranda ;
    • records, rosters, military service documents, account books, charts, surveys and field books;
    • artifacts consisting of pictures, photographs, paintings, and displays illustrative of the past.
  3. provide for the preservation and accessibility of such materials  as may be feasible.
  4. cooperate with officials in assuring  the preservation and accessibility of the records and archives of the area, its cities, towns, villages and institutions;
  5. encourage the preservation of historic structures, monuments and markers.
  6. encourage school programs to stimulate student scholarship, which promotes the history of the area and reward outstanding students.
ARTICLE IV -- Communications
The Society may disseminate historical and genealogical information and promote interest in the past by:
  1. publishing historical material in its Journal/Newsletter, books, and electronic media;
  2. holding meetings with pageants, addresses, lectures, papers, and discussions;
  3. marking historic buildings, sites and trails;
  4. using the media to awaken public interest;
  5.  participate in the production and maintenance of public exhibits of a historic nature.
ARTICLE V -- Collaboration
The society shall collaborate with the Tennessee Historical Commission, public libraries in the three counties, and other historical/genealogical organizations to collect and preserve materials of significance so that these materials are accessible to researchers, students and scholars.
ARTICLE VI -- Membership
Membership classifications, benefits, dues, and eligibility requirements are as defined in the By-laws.  
ARTICLE VII -- Meetings
There shall be an annual meeting. There may be such other meetings as prescribed in the By-laws.
ARTICLE VIII -- Officers and the Board of Directors
     SECTION 1:  OFFICERS -- The officers shall be a president, three vice-presidents, three directors, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, treasurer,  editor, genealogist, and webmaster. The immediate past president is an ex-officio member.
     SECTION 2:  BOARD and REPRESENTATION -- The officers shall constitute the Board of Directors, hereafter referred to as the Board. The configuration of the Board shall always assure a vice-president  and a director represent each of the Society’s three counties.
      SECTION 3:  TERMS AND VACANCIES IN OFFICE -- The president, vice- presidents, and other constitutional officers shall serve the office for a term of three years. No term limits apply. In the event of resignation, removal, or incapacity of any officer, except the president, the remaining term of the vacancy shall be filled by an appointment made by the President and approved by a vote of the Board of Directors. If no member can be found to serve in the vacant position, the President may appoint, with Board approval, a current Board member to serve in the vacant position until the position can be otherwise filled. The Board member filling more than one position has only one vote. The Board shall designate one of the vice-presidents to serve as First Vice President who shall preside during the president’s absence, incapacitation or vacancy of office.
ARTICLE IX -- Election of Officers
     SECTION 1:  All constitutional officers shall be elected by a plurality of votes cast by the members at the annual meeting. A candidate for election shall be an active individual  member in good standing. Only one vice president and one director  shall be elected in any one year. A vice president and director representing the same county shall be elected in different years.
     SECTION 2:  Not less than two months prior to the annual meeting, the recording secretary shall send a nomination form to every Board member who may nominate one person for each office open to election. Nominations shall be returned not less than one month before the annual meeting. A nominating committee, appointed by the President , shall review the list of nominees and recommend one person for each office to be voted upon by the membership at the annual meeting.
     SECTION 3:  Nominations may also be made by any member from the floor at the annual meeting.
     SECTION 4:  Officers and directors shall be installed at the close of the annual meeting and assume their duties the first day of the year for which they were elected.  They shall serve until their successors are duly elected and installed.
     SECTION 5:  In the event no member is willing to stand for election at the time an annual election is held, the Board may approve a member in good standing to fill the vacant position when available.
ARTICLE X -- Amendments
This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting called by the Board for that purpose. A majority vote by the members present at a regular shall be required to pass upon any proposed amendment. All proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Board in writing. The Board shall submit all proposed amendments and its recommendations on each to the membership one meeting prior to the meeting upon which the vote shall take place. If any portion of this document is determined to be inapplicable due to State of Tennessee or Federal laws and regulations this document shall be deemed amended such as to be in compliance as necessary until which time as this document is formally amended by approved by the general membership.
ENACTING CLAUSE:  This Constitution, as last amended, was adopted by the membership of the Society and became effective on November 16, 1997. The Constitution was subsequently amended and approved by the membership on March 17, 2019 and became effective on that date.
 Welcome to the Smoky Mountain Historical Society
We are glad you found us. If you seek to learn about the history and mountain life of the folks who lived in or next to what is now the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Eastern Tennessee you have come to the right place.
Here you will live the hardships and struggles of survival in the days of Davy Crockett and Sam Houston well into the middle of the 20th century and later. Stories these families have passed down from generation to generation; true stories that come alive.
Perhaps no other area in the United States has a genealogy that will go back to the Revolutionary War days whose many descendants still live in this area.
Here Civil War battles were fought. Families were torn by their sons going North or South to fight each other.
Maybe these mountain folks are kin to you. You would be surprised. You will find marriage records going back over 150 years. Who is buried, in what cemeteries and where do you find them? See whether your genealogy connects you with new found cousins.
Again welcome, happy exploring and please feel encouraged to join with us.