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May 13, 2019 By: Jim Everhart
Adding a Flipable PDF Viewer
We are busy converting all of the Library of our Journals to a Flip Style PDF for people that prefer to read them that way. You can flip forward or backward as you like. This will help our members form a connection to the journal as if they were physically holding it. This will take time and based on feedback from our members more post will be added here. I will share this as well as adding a tutorial video on using this new service for our members.
March 26, 2019 By: Jim Everhart
Up coming website changes
Over the next year we have many planned changes. The technology of creating a website page has added new features  that were not available in 2013 when our site went live 6 years ago. Not only site creation but trends in our web browsing  habits have greatly changed. 
March 14, 2019 By: Jim Everhart
Family Tree Project moved to be faster
We recently moved our Familytree project to a faster server so it is more responsive. Member feedback is very positive.
February 23, 2019 By: Jim Everhart
Tree project update 3/12/2019
We have completed our move to a faster server for our Familytree Project for Our Members use. It has over 1.145 million searchable names. As others contribute this will contenue to grow. We are collecting pictures to add. Contributions should go to

December 14, 2018 By: Jim Everhart
Thank You
We have a couple of people sending us what they want to share, please consider this for your selves. Unknown family is a plus for doing this. Just last evening I discovered I am a 7th Cousin once removed from Merle Haggard.
November 27, 2018 By: Jim Everhart
Check out our growing SMHS Family Tree
We have been given the personal research of Larry D. Fox and Jim Everhart and they are being combined and tweaked to make sure we eliminate and remove any duplication and add new found data. The tree is searchable by our members. At this time we have over 150,000 names and information in it. We welcome anyone wishing to share their information in this tree. Please contact me at . This is a membership advantage for our SMHS patrons. If you are not a member yet and want this resource please go here.
November 13, 2018 By: Jim Everhart
Journals now Available in full color
Starting with the fall 2018 issue the journals are available if full color or the original B&W. For $20.00 you get 4 journals in full color and access  to the members only content on our Website . B&W remains $15.00 per year plus members only access.
Your membership is tax deductable.
Thank you for your support.
August 17, 2018 By: Jim Everhart
Journals Wrinkle
We discovered that a few of our searchable Journals did not fair well when we ran the software to make them searchable. As we identify the trouble issues we will scan them again at a higher resolution to correct the issue. The issues in the Journals tab are the non searchable versions and are as they were before. The issues in the Past Journals tab are the new searchable versions. For the most part they have no problems.
Over the years different fonts have been used and some do not work well with the optical character recognition software used to make the files searchable. We apologize for any inconvienece this might cause anyone. We are working diligently to fix this problem. Thank you for your patientce.
August 17, 2018 By: Jim Everhart
visit our redesigned Past Journal Issues
We have redesigned our Journal Library page and all files are now searchable PDF files. As a society member you can view or download a copy to keep and review whenever you want. We have broken one issue, December 2011 into 4 smaller issues due to site constraints and to make it quicker to download.  They appear as September, October, November, and December on the site. Check back often more is coming soon. As always I welcome your feed back just email me at
July 24, 2018 By: Jim Everhart
All past issues are now available
As a member benefit, you can download or view past issues PDF files  on your device, acrobat reader recommended for your best viewing experience. We are working hard to add these to our index and we will be replacing these with a searchable version of the PDFs very soon.