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Index of Past Journals through 2012

Special thanks to all who have contributed.
Perhaps it was from shear curiosity that Robert M. Beckwith decided to develop a publication titled Pages to the Past which listed the specfic contents for the Newsletters & Journals. Starting with the Spring 1977 through Summer of 2012 he listed each article by the name of its author, the number of pages, the type such as B-Bibliography, E-Eulogy, G-Genealogy,H-History,I-Information-Memories, N-News-Obituary-Poetry, or R-Research. Thus readers would be able to view the specific content of an article rather than the general Table of Contents.
For over 50 years, through our Journal and Newsletter, the Smoky Mountain Historical Society has been documenting East Tennessee history and genealogy.  These journals are a treasured time capsule for those interested in the Smoky Mountain way of life over the generations including many firsthand genealogies and personal stories as well as thousands of pictures of the people and their homesteads. As a member you will be able to view and download each PDF. As a member you will find complete access to nearly 6,000 pages contained within these pages to the past. When you login as a member you will see a tab on the homepage called Journals. Click there to get started on your journey.  *Special Note: Society Members have access to past Journals to read online or download a PDF.
Some of the Journals prior to 1980 shown in this index are missing from our collection.
Key: B–Biography; E–Eulogy; G–Genealogy; H–History; I–Informative; M–Memories N–News; O–Obituary; P–Poetry; R—Research
1977 Volume III #1 
   24 pages
Shallow Grave Marks Historic Site In Cocke County
David Popiel, Newport Plain Talk, 1974
The Campbell Family Massacre
Donna Walker
Tennessee Militia, Sevier & Cocke Co. Regts. 1796-1811
compiled by Mrs. John T. Moore & D. B. Reagan
Rev. War Soldiers & Patriots, Blount County Tennessee
compiled by Inez Burns, Blount County Historian
Things I Remember
Flora Carr Gibson
The First Family Christmas I Can Remember – 1917
Olin Watson
Grave of Campbells Re-located and Marked
Jim Shular
Sadly Missed – Francis Marion “Bud” Wright
Alice Fleming
Harkless Orlie Trentham  1892 – 1976
Beulah Linn, Sevier County Historian
In Memory – Nella Mae Bohanan Brown Van Arum
Margaret Lawson
A Christmas Worth Remembering
Rita Cantu
Preserving Your Heirlooms
Ed Trout, 2pp.
Arthur, John, Bause and Steve Ketched A Bear
as told to P. J. McCarter by W. Arthur Ogle, 1907
John Denton   Patriot-Pioneer
David Templin, 4pp.
1977 Volume III #2     12 pages
A Salute to Mountain Mothers
Kathleen Lassiter Manscill, 3pp. w/pics.
Early Hotels
Margaret Ann Roth, 3pp. w/pics.
Old Cocke County Fort Has Colorful History
Ola Fancher, Newport Plain Talk 10-2-1969
A Tribute – Mrs. L. W. (Mary Hardin) McCown
E. R. Walker III, May 2, 1977,  2pp.
1977 Volume III #3        12 pages
Care of Unfinished (Raw) Wooden Objects
Ed Trout, 2pp.
TN Militia, Cocke Co. (Cont. from Issue #1)
compiled by Mrs. John Trotwood Moore, 2pp.
A Trip Back Home
Flora G. Gibson
Historical Scan of  the Life of John Mitchell Whaley
Kate Whaley Marshall, 4pp.
1977 Volume III #4        16 pages         
Sugarlanders Get Together
Ltr. from Alie Newman Maples to SMHS, 8/31/1977
Care and Repair of Glass Objects   I Ed Trout
Pittman Center
Our Southern Highlanders
Margaret Ann Roth, 4pp. w/pics.
Robert Park, orig. pub. Around  1930, 5pp.
Memories of the Sugarlands
poem by Alie Newman Maples
1977 Volume III #5      20 pages
Cocke County: A Thumbnail Sketch
E. R. Walker III, Cocke County Historian 5pp.
Cocke County Pensioners – 1883
Cocke County Wills
1809-1855, 5 entries
Watering Places In Cocke County
Eddie Walker III, 4pp.
Eddie Walker – Cocke County Historian
Duay O’Neil
The Hanging of Peter Reece
Duay O’Neil,  2 pp.
Arriving At Pittman Center
Dr. Robert F. Thomas
1977 Volume III #6        28 pages         
Friends and Neighbors – Yonder
Flora Carr Gibson, 2pp.
The Naming of White Oak Flats
Donald B. Reagan, 3pp. w/pics.
Roaring Fork School – Fifty Years Ago
Herb Clabo, from Camping In The Smokies-1977
Our Southern Highlanders – The Bear Hunt
Robert Park, orig. pub. 1934, 2pp.
Memories of A Mountain Boy
Pinkney J. McCarter, 2pp.
Two Old Timers Near 68th Anniversary
from The News Record, April 9, 1959
“Andy Huff’s Place” – The Mountain View Hotel
Gatlinburg’s First Hotel by Donald Reagan, w/pics.
The Gatlinburg News – 1924-25
excerpts from, 3pp.
Christmas Time
poem by Alie Newman Maples
Christmas In The Hills With Paw and Maw
Alie Newman Maples, 2pp.
Gatlinburg Community Fair – Sept. 18, 1925
Listing of Premium Winners, 4pp.
1978 Volume IV #1        13 pages         
Memories of A Mountain Boy
Pinkney J. McCarter 5 pp.
High Holiday Spirits at Sugarlands
from Gatlinburg Press, Dec. 27,1977
1978 Volume IV #2        16 pages         
Some Early Memories
Olin Watson, 3pp.
Butler Family Seeded Deep 
Duay O’Neil, reprint fr Cocke Co. Banner 1977
Our Southern Mountaineers
Inez Burns, 4pp.
Callia E. Shults,  Feb. 5,1843 – April 1,1922
copied from old newspapers
Family Bible of Russell & Polly Owenby Ogle
as copied from the faded original.
First Settler of Gatlinburg
Lucinda O. Ogle, 3pp. w/pics.
1978 Volume IV #3        20 pages
Inez E. Burns, Blount County Historian
Adele (Mrs. Boyd) McKenzie
Mountain Foods – Old and New
Aileen W. Fowler, 4 recipes.
Montvale – The Saratoga of the South
Inez Burns, 5pp. w/pic.
Blount County Tennessee
Inez Burns, 3pp. w/pics & map of forts
Sam Houston Schoolhouse – Maryville, Tennessee
Adele McKenzie, 3pp. w/pic.
Cades Cove
Inez Burns, 4pp.
Genealogy Collection – Blount County Library
listing  of publications and records available
1978 Volume IV #4        16 pages         
Early Days At PI BETA PHI School
Lucinda O. Ogle, 3pp. w/pics.
Preservation and Care of Leather
Ed Trout, 2pp.
Grandmother’s Best Dress
Sharon Hurst, Camping in the Smokies, 1977
Ancestor Charts - Mary Rowe Ruble
also Phillip Douglas Ogle
Ancestor Charts    Carolyn Porter Wilkins
 also Jesse Alexander McCoy
Mountain Foods – Old and New
Aileen W. Fowler, 4 more recipes
My First Trip to Knoxville, Tennessee
Maggie Clabough Ogle, 2pp.
Harris Had A Mill
Oscar Harris, Cocke Co. Banner, Feb. 23,1977
1978 Volume IV #5        20 pages    
Mountain Recipes – Skin Cancer Salve & Soap
from Marie Trentham
Old-timers Will Head for the Hills In October
The Gatlinburg Press, Sept. 5,1978 reprint
Reminiscence of Early Days In The Smoky Mtns.
S. Otis Trentham 2 pp. reprint 1967 Newsletter
The Gopher Wood Tree
Olin Watson
George G. McKoy   G by JA McCoy
Query – Stephen Winton
Ancestor Charts - Betty Ruth Davis
also Cora Alice Watson
Ancestor Charts - Walter Lee Reagan
also Herman Jinks Smith
1977 – 1978 SMHS Membership List
Mountain Culture Finally Discovered
John Coward, The Gatlinburg Press reprint
1978 Volume IV #6        28 pages             
Christmas of Yesteryears
Beulah D. Linn
Census Schedule November 28, 1795
Territory of the US South of the River Ohio
Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian
Ruth Shields Ownby 2pp.
Paw Paw Hollow Baptist Church – 1802, 1805, 1820
from Paw Paw Hollow Baptist Church Minutes
The Christmas Orange-Conversation w/my Mother
Florence Cope Bush
Excerpts from U.S. Territorial Papers 1791-1793
8 Excerpts, 2pp.
Excerpts from US  Territorial Papers, 1791-1793
Letters of Gov. Blount, Acting Gov. Smith
Ancestor Chart of Pauline Loutina Shields
compiler E. R. Walker III, Cocke Co. Historian
Lt. Abraham Slover’s Militia –1794
Muster & Payrolls Jan. 25  to Feb. 25, 1794
Sevier County TN – Abstracts of Deed Book H
By Elaine Ramsten Wells 2 pp. 1835 – 1846, 2pp.
Petitions to General Assembly of Tennessee
6pp. 1819 – 1825
Brabson Store Account Book 1818 – 1821
copied by Estalena Brabson & Beulah Linn, 2pp.
Teaching to Meet the Needs
Aurelia Cate Dawson
Census Report, September 19, 1791
The Territorial Papers of the U.S. 1790-1796
The Settlement of Dumplin Valley
Glenn A. Toomey, 1947
List of Tax Property & Polls/Capt. Williams Co. 1814
Our East TN Kinsmen by Aurelia Cate Dawson
Town of Sevierville Was Incorporated April 22,1850
Beulah D. Linn
Thomas Ferguson Family Bible Record
from Jefferson County, Family Bible Records
1979 Volume V #1        20 pages     
A History of Rev. Russell Ogle and  His Wife Polly
Ambers Ogle, 2pp. w/pic.
Ancestor Charts - Dorothy J. Hudgens
also Beatrice C. Sullivan
Ancestor Charts - Beverly Ann Parton
also James Christopher Turner Conway
Sevier Co. TN – Abstracts of  Deed Book H  (cont.)
abstracted by Elaine Ramsten Wells, 4pp.
Home Remedies
collected by Marie Trentham
1979 Volume V #2        20 pages     
Ancestor Charts, Sue Shelley Parton/Colleen Bibee
also James Ernest Mitchell
Sevier Co. TN – Abstracts of  Deed Book H (Cont.)
abstracted by Elaine Ramsten Wells, 4pp.
Origins of Community Names in Cocke Co. TN
Folklore Class, Cosby HS/ E. R. Walker III 2pp.
A Weather All Their own
Bill Hooks,  National Park Service
The Death of Thomas Shields On The TN Frontier
from Narratives of the Westward Movement
Beatrice Conway Sullivan
E.R. Walker III
Lydia Kear Whaley
Simeon Huskey, reprint from Newsletter, 1967
The Parton Family
Beverly Parton Bowen, 3pp.
1979 Volume V #3        21 pages     
Sevier Co. TN – Abstracts of  Deed Book H (Cont.)
abstracted by Elaine Ramsten Wells, 4pp.
Anc. Charts, Georgia R. Catoe, Wilbur L .Templin
 and Alma P. Houk
Petition From Sevier County, to State of TN.
request by militia to choose own uniform, 1821
A Thing of Beauty
Florence Cope Bush, 2pp. w/pics.
The Browns of “Browns”
Eddie R. Walker III, 4pp. w/pic.
1979 Volume V #4        16 pages     
Apple Time In Boogertown
Florence Cope Bush, 3pp. w/diagrams.
Ancestor Charts, George R. Shields, Agnes R. Hill
and (Madolin) Ruth Cowan
Early Herb Medicines
Marie Trentham
Thomas Denton
contributed by Eddie Walker
Stokely Memorial Library Receives Rare Book Copy
Escape from East TN to Federal Lines, 1861–1865
The Harrisburg Community
from Gatlinburg Press, 8-5-1976, Beulah Linn
1979 Volume V #5        20 pages     
Historic D.A.R. Landmark – The Ogle Log Cabin
Lucinda Oakley Ogle, 2pp. w/pics.
Sevier Co. TN – Abstracts of Deed Book H (Cont.)
abstracted by Elaine Ramsten Wells, 3pp.
Petitions From North of French Broad
to TN General Assembly, 1799/1823/1826, 3pp.
An Old School Ledger – Mar 15, 1873-1883
transcribed by Eddie R. Walker, 3pp.
McMahan – Family Tree
Nora Trotter McMahan, Aug. 27,1923, 4pp.
The Pipers
Florence Cope Bush, 2pp. including sketches
Letter From Meedy White Shields, Oct 25,1909
copied & contributed by Mary Shields Shore
1979 Volume V #6        20  pages     
Granny’s Stove
Florence Cope Bush, 2pp. w/drawing of stove.
J. Pritchard Barnes Honored
Reading by Olin Watson
Gatlinburg’s Real Estate Man – J. Pritchard Barnes
Alliene Barnes Chambers, 3pp.
Earnest Ogle – Sugarlands Native Led Colorful Life
Reprint, Gatlinburg Press
Earnest Ogle – 16 April 1906 ----- 17 October 1979
Donald B. Reagan, w/pic.
William Doherty’s Store Account Ledger 1796 -1801
Beulah D. Linn, County Historian
Letters to the Sevier County Republican – 1890
Beulah D. Linn copied/contributed, 2pp. 
The Ellis Family – 1929
Contributed by Burl Underwood
Ancestor Chart, Carolyn Ann Ownby
Compiler, Carolyn Ann Ownby Fleischer, 2pp.
Ancestor Chart, Rose Ethel Houser
Compiler, Reta K. Westfall
1980 Volume VI #1        12 pages     
“O-heh-yah-tah” (Disappearing Chestnut tree)
Florence Cope Bush, 4pp. w/diagrams
“Friendship Cemetery” or “Whaley Cemetery”
record of burial sites, Big Greenbriar, GSMNP 2pp.
Ancestor Charts, Blanche Henderson
George Richard Fox, Jr.
What Constitutes an “Old Timer”
John O. Morrel, 2pp.
1980 Volume VI #2        16 pages     
‘Doc’ Thomas Dies at 88
Missionary to Mountain Folk, 2pp.
Verless J. Morton
Henry Morton, 2pp.
Trentham Family Cemetery
record of burial sites, in GSMNP
More Old-Time Remedies
Marie Trentham
Ancestor Charts, Mary R. Ruble, Phillip D. Ogle       
 and Jesse Alexander McCoy
Just A Thinking
by Olin Watson
A Man Came To Gatlinburg
O.R. Medlin as told to Olin Watson. 2pp.
1980 Volume VI #3&4      16 pages
Petition of Veterans of Mexican War
submitted by Beulah Linn
Trion Community
Mary Shields Shore, 4pp.
Mary Bradley Carver
Florence Cope Bush, 3pp. w/pics.
Oldhams Creek or Boogertown Cemetery
Cemetery records listed, 3pp.
Ancestor Chart – Jack Elden Lewis
compiler Jack E. Lewis
In the Shadow of the White Rock
book review by Mrs. E. R. Walker, Sr.
The East Tennessee Baptist Rev. James W.H. Coker
Harriman, Tennessee, November 24, 1897
Roll of Soldiers, Third Dist. Sevier Co. – 1904
submitted by Beulah Linn
1980 Volume VI #5        16 pages     
Isaac Thomas, Excerpts from Book of Same Name
Charlotte B. Wynn, 6pp. w/Will
Ancestor Chart, Philip A. Wynn
Charlotte B. Wynn
Old Letter Tells Interesting History of Sevierville
written by M.A. Rawlings,  July 6, 1856
Trion Community (Part II)
Mary Shields Shore, 4pp.
The Body Snatchers/How Bologna Came to Smokies
Florence Cope Bush, 2pp.
1981 Volume VII #1        16 pages     
Greenbrier In The Early Days
Margaret Ann Roth, 7pp. w/pics.
Lost Record of Cocke Co. Court House, Newport TN
copy of Sally Huff’s Will, Oct. 10, 1840, 3pp.
Rev. Eli McCarter
Earl McCarter, w/pic.
Ancestor Chart, Eli McCarter & Charlotte H. D. Bailey
Earl McCarter, Charlotte B. Wynn
1981 Volume VII #2        24 pages     
Music In The Mountains – 1981
Glenn Cardwell, 2pp.
1840 Sevier County, Tennessee Census
pp. 156 to 161 of census records.
Bramley (Brumleys) In Early Tennessee
Bramley, 2pp.
McMahan–A Mystery and a Possible Solution
David Templin, 8pp.
Musical Instruments of Appalachian Settlers Part I
Lee Schilling, 2pp.
Surnames In Big Greenbrier
Evolena Ownby, 2pp.
Ancestor Charts, Ann Bohanon, Nora L. Robertson,
John L. Cook & Raymond D. Thomas
1981 Volume VII #3        32 pages     
1840 Sevier County, Tennessee Census
transc. By David Templin and Elaine Wells, 4pp.
James Baker Will – 8 April 1839
contributed by Beulah Linn
Area Settlers – British Aliens During 1812 War
abstracted by Beulah Linn, 2pp.
Bounty Land Application of Benjamin Seaton
contributed by Mrs. Thomas Meunayer, Jr., 2pp.
Elder Isaac L. Ogle
Beth Ogle Freeman, granddaughter, 3pp. pic.
Early East Tennessee Settlers – Trotters
David Templin, 13pp.
Ancestor Charts, Sharon Trentham Shockley, and
Robin Cross Sutherland
John Gilliland – Will & Associates Documents.
contr. By Edward Walker III, Cocke Co. Historian
1981 Volume VII #4        32 pages     
Memories of a By-Gone Era
Olin Watson
Civil War Questionnaires – Oliver P. Chambers
supplied by Edward Walker III, 3pp.
Ruby Price, contributed by Mary Ruble
Southern Hospitality
Olene Butler, Newport Plain Talk 4/29/1981, 3pp.
James McMahan, Sen., In Account w/M. C. Rogers
1817-1830 by Beulah Linn, Sevier Co. Histrn., 2pp
Ogle, Ogle Castle, and Church of  St. Magdalene
Beth Ogle Freeman, 2pp. w/pic.
Legend of the Bees
Florence Cope Bush, 2 pp.
Josias Gamble – Early Settler of Blount Co. TN
David Templin, 7pp.
1840 Sevier County, Tennessee Census
transcribed by David Templin, Elaine Wells, 4pp.
1860 Blount County Mortality Schedule
copied by David Templin, 4pp.
The Lands of Our Ancestors
Lucinda Ogle, 2pp. w/pic.
McMahan Heirs – Power of Attorney
presented by Beulah Linn, Sevier Co. Historian
1982 Volume VIII #1        32 pages     
Darius B. O’Neil
Duay O'Neil, 2pp,
Greenbriar Stores  1888 to 1934   H Lillie Ownby, w/pic.
Ancestor Charts – Mary Jane Lewis Murphy   G also Jack Elden Lewis & Raymond Dexter Thomas
1840 Sevier County, Tennessee Census
transcribed by David Templin, Elaine Wells, 3pp.
Early East Tennessee Settlers – Webb
David H. Templin, 9pp.
A Visitation:  Westminster Abbey
Beth Ogle Freeman, 3pp. w/pic.
Sevier County 1860 Mortality Schedule
transcribed by David Templin, 3pp.
I’m Fine Thank You!!!
contributed by Donald B. Reagan
Henry Butler of Sevier County, Tennessee
Beulah Linn, Sevier County Historian,  2pp.
Cocke County 1860  Mortality Schedule
transcribed by David Templin, 3pp.
1982 Volume VIII #2        32 pages     
Death Record Blount Co. TN Apr. 1881-Oct.1882
transcribed by Albert W. Dockter, 3pp.
Ancestor Charts – Russel B. Chambers
also Olene Large Cagle – Ben Hubbert
Ancestor Charts – John Crawford
also Nathaniel Shrewsbury
Redfoot – Cupid’s Helper
Florence Cope Bush, 2pp.
Mayme Hill
Pat Lammon, 3/22/82 News Record and Press
John O. Morrell
John Fox, Gatlinburg Mountain Press
Early East Tennessee Settlers – Mattox
David H. Templin, 5pp.
Mary Shields Shore 1910-1982
Edward R. Walker III, Cocke Co. Historian
James Kear
John Kear, about 1924 contr. By Eva Myers
Benedict Kuhn, Immigrant & His Descendants
(Coon, Koon, Koone) by Sue Hill Koon, 2pp.
Elkmont and Kinzel Springs
Margaret Ann Roth, 4pp. w/picx.
Ku Klux Klan  H T. S. Gorman, contributed by Edward Walker III
1840 Sevier County, Tennessee Census
transcribed by David Templin, Elaine Wells, 4pp.
1982 Volume VIII #3        28 pages     
A Tribute To My Grandfather
Duay O’Neil, 2pp.
Sevier County Marriage Book II  1873-1874
transcribed by David Templin, 6pp.
Water Power Use A Century Ago
Margaret Ann Roth, 4pp. w/pics.
1850 Mortality Schedules-Blount, Cocke, Sevier
from June 1, 1849 to June 1, 1850, 4pp.
2nd Tennessee Cavalry (Federal)
David H. Templin, 5pp.
Copy of Discharge Paper of William H. King
dated July 6, 1865
Mary Rowe Ruble  1895 – 1982
Edward Walker III, Cocke County Historian
1982 Volume VIII #4        36 pages     
Christmas 1912
from 1913 Dell Gillette letter, contr. By D. Reagan
Early East Tennessee Pioneers – Henry Haggard
David H. Templin, 4pp.
Knoxville Register  July 19, 1843
contributed by Beulah Linn
Cora Ogle’s Story of Hope and Determination
Cherel Henderson, 4pp.
Bothal, Castle & The Church of St. Andrew
Beth Ogle Freeman, 2pp. w/pics.
Hexham and Hexham Abbey
Beth Ogle Freeman
Denton Letter  (Jonas Denton-April 19,1870)
contributed by Duay O’Neil
Sevier County Union Veterans
fr ‘President, Soldiers, Statesman, 1176-1889’ 5pp
SMHS Visits Fort Loudon & Tellico Blockhouse
2pp. w/pics.
Handwritten Handbook of Methodist Minister
7 church member lists 1880-1905, 4pp.
What’s In A Name?
Florence C. Bush, 2pp.
Sevier County Marriage Book II 1874-1875
copied by David Templin, 4pp.
1983 Volume IX #1        32 pages     
Ancestor Chart – Charles Eugene Crosby
Charles T. Crosby
Sevier County Union Veterans
7 military biographical/genealogical sketches
Pioneer Henderson Families of Sevier Co. TN   I
Beulah D. Linn, 6pp.
Beth Ogle Freeman, 2pp. w/pics.
The Denton Family
David H. Templin, 5pp.
William Romines
Charles T. Crosby, 2pp.
Remember Life In The Smokies
Gladys Trentham Russell, 2pp.
Cocke County, Tennessee Survey Book, 1824-25
contributed by Donald B. Reagan, 4pp.
Sevier County Marriage Book II Mar-Aug 1875
copied by David H. Templin, 3pp.
1983 Volume IX #2        36 pages     
1813 Petition From Blount Co./TN Genl. Assembly.
Desires a Land office to be opened in county.
Sevier County Marriage Book II Aug/Nov 1875
transcribed  by David H. Templin, 2pp.
Florence C. Bush, 3pp. about Paul Cope
1799 Petition From Sevier Co./TN Genl. Assembly.
begs tax relief fr poor land South of French Broad
St. James Lutheran Church Near Derrick Mill
Beulah D. Linn, 2pp.
Obituaries 1828-1950 Nola Chucky Baptist Assn.
contributed by Bonnie Williamson Dunn
Evolena Ownby
see Memories of Big Greenbrier, 1997—1998
Little Schoolhouse Where Sam Houston Taught
Jim Shular, 3pp. w/pics.
Smoky Mountaineer Inducted/ Literary Hall Fame
Honoring Gladys Trentham Russel w/pic. Map 2pp
Early Settlers of Sevier Co. TN – J. Derrick, A. Fox
David H. Templin, 8pp. w/pics.
The Henrys Of Cocke County
Duay O’Neil, 3pp.
Sevier County Union Veterans
8 military biographical/genealogical sketches, 3pp
1983 Volume IX #3        20 pages     
Richard Shields Petition (seeking tax relief)
contributed by Mary Shields Shores
Homesick for Tennessee – Sept. 20, 1849
Letter contributed by Olga Edwards
Sevier County Marriage Book II
11/16/1875 to 6/18/1876, David H. Templin, 4pp.
Sevier County Union Veterans
6 military biographical/genealogical sketches
Reagan Family Association
announces formation
Fire In Sevierville
from ‘American Presbyterian’  Sat. April 5, 1856
1813 Petition to TN General Assembly
Seeking debt relief approx. 400 names listed, 4 pp.
Penland Family Records
contributed by Duay O’Neil  2 pp.
1983 Volume IX #4        26 pages     
Sevier County Marriage Book II Jul/Dec 1876
transcribed by David H. Templin, 4pp.
Sevier County Union Veterans
9 military biographical/genealogical sketches
Keeble – Kibble
Albert W. Dockter, 5pp.
Toliver Wood – A Confederate Veteran
Duay O’Neil, 2pp.
Sevier County TN Abstracts From Deed Book H
David H. Templin, 4pp.
Evans Chapel #1  (1833-1933)
Gladys Trentham Russell
A Union Soldier Writes Home
Geo. W. Webb letter. Fr. Edward R. Walker III
The Christmas Letter  (December 23, 1933)
Sam Wiley Keeble, by William T. Keeble
The Legend Of Waldens Creek
 Florence Cope Bush
1984 Volume X #1        25 pages     
A Special Thank You To Olin Watson
Ruth S. Ownby, SMHS V. P., Sevier County
Sevier Co. TN Abstracts From Deed Book H (cont.)
David H. Templin, 5pp.
Jim Shular – New SMHS President
Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian
Indian News
Knoxville Gazette, Saturday June 29, 1793
The Death Of A Mountain Man
Florence Cope Bush
The Family of Jonathan Thomas
Charles Crosby, 3pp. w/pics.
Grave of Revolutionary War Widow Found
Beulah D. Linn
The Samuel Wear House
Jerry Wear, 4pp. w/pics.
Military Pension Applications
of  McMahan, Lauderdale, Keener, Cross, Shular
Sevier County Marriage Book II Dec/Jun. 1876-77
copied by David H. Templin, 3pp.
An Early Jefferson County, Tennessee Cemetery
contributed by Duay O’Neil
1984 Volume X #2        23 pages     
Rev. Herman Matthews
Beulah D. Linn
How Democracy Works
Zola Moore, 2 pp..
Military Pension Apps. Fox, Fox, Denton, Keeler
Mexican War, 2 Civil War, War 1812, 2 pp..
Record of Deaths – 1839 to 1899 – Cocke County
Edward Walker III, Newport Presbyterian Church
Bishop Francis Asbury Journey in Smokies
period of 1788-1813 by Florence C. Bush 3 pp..
Sevier Co. TN Abstracts from Deed Book H (cont.)
David H. Templin 4 pp..
Gray History
5 pp..
Sevier County Marriage Book II
6-30-1877 / 10-15-1877 by David H. Templin, 3pp.
1984 Volume X #3        28 pages     
Unpaid Taxes – 1803 (Blount, Cocke, Sevier Cos.)
The Knoxville Gazette, Aug. 8, 1803, 3pp.
Reverend George Ekin
Source: Holston Methodism, 1804-1824, Vol. II
Church In The Forks Baptist Cemetery
ncl. Genealogy of  Spencer Clack, by Beulah  Linn
Working The Road (a mountain church ballad)
Glenn Cardwell
Samuel Wear Plantation Site Saved
Jerry Wear
Old Superstitions
Joyce Mount Burgin
Sevier Co. TN Abstracts From Deed Book H  (cont.)
transcribed by David H. Templin, 3pp.
George Ekins’ Book
transc. By Inez Burns, 3pp. to be issue
Tennesseeans in Missouri – 1870
contr. By Nancy L. O’Neil, 2pp.
Church In The Forks Baptist Cemetery
Beulah D. Linn,
Military Pension Applications
5 Revolutionary, 2 Mexican, 2 Civil, 2 War of 1812
1984 Volume X #4        32 pages     
Military Pension Applications
7 Revolutionary, 1 Civil, 1 War of 1812, 4 pp..
The Descendants of Jacob Widener
Steve Widener, 3pp. w/pics.
Sevier County Marriage Book II  Oct-Jan 1877/78
copied by David H. Templin, 3pp.
Sheriff’s Sale
Knoxville Register, 10/7/1825, contr. Betty Broyles
Life In Sevier County, As I Remember It
Russell C. Ogle & Georgia  R. Huskey Ogle
Della Bennett Williamson
Florence C. Bush, 3pp.
George Ekins’ Book (continued from Vol. X, #3)
transcribed by Inez Burns, 3pp.
Sevier Co. TN Abstracts From Deed Book H (cont.)
David H. Templin, 2pp.
The Lesser Franklin-Territory S. of French Broad
David H. Templin, 8pp.
1985 Volume XI #1        28 pages     
The Marshall Wilson Bible Record
1843 through 1962
The Search
Alma Drinnen Moore, 2 pp.
Sevier County Marriage Book II  Jan-July 1878
1-27 thru 8-10-1878 by David H. Templin. 3pp.
Sevier Co. TN Abstracts from Deed Book H (cont.)
David H. Templin, 3pp.
Land To Be Sold For Interest
Knoxville Register, July 3, 1821,  2 pp.
The Swaggerty Blockhouse
Nancy L. O’Neil 4pp. w/pics.
Old House
A. Moore 8-5-1963
Abstracts/Qrtrly. Conf. Bk/ Little River Circuit.
contributed by Beulah D. Linn
Martha Jane Huskey Avery
Irene Huskey reprint from 1966 newsletter
Military Pensions
9 Rev. War, 2 Civil War, 1 War of 1812, 4pp.
1985 Volume XI #2        29 pages  
Obituary of Claude Cluck  O contributed by Carolyn Bradshaw
Billy Wilson 1838/1925—N. W. Wilson 1843/1919  G Percival David Park, 4pp.
McFalls & McKenzie Discover Little Greenbrier  H Edward E. Hunt
Cluck Family Bible  G contributed by Carolyn Bradshaw
Elizabeth Prince Hedrick McKinley Bell Rich H/G Cherel Bolin Henderson, 4pp.
Seventy-Two Blount County Rebels  R list of voters for Separation, 8th June 1861
Poke Sallet Ain’t Just Country Anymore  M Florence C. Bush, 2pp.
Sevier Co.TN Abstracts From Deed Book  H (cont.)  R copied by David H. Templin, 2pp.
Sevier County Marriage Book II – August 1878  R copied by David H. Templin
Military Pension Applications  R 5 Rev. 1 Indian, 3 Civil, 1 War of 1812, 3pp. 
1985 Volume XI #3        31 pages  
Sevier Co. TN Abstracts From Deed Book H (cont.)   R copied by David H. Templin, 2 pp.
Military Pension Applications   R 4 Rev., 1 Indian, 1 Civil, 2 War of 1812, 2pp.
James Brownlow Lawson 1862 –1941   B Reba Caughron Hood, 3pp.
Lists of Those Lost On The Steamer Sultana   R from various documentations, 7pp.
Death-Explosion of Side-wheeler Sultana   H April 27, 1865, from Sue Marine Hartselle, 4pp.
1850 Jefferson County, TN Mortality Schedule   R 2pp.
William Monroe Boone, 1863 –1938 B/G Betty Boone Best, 2pp. w/pic.
Sevier County Marriage Book II 4 Sept /26 Oct. 1878  R transcribed by David H. Templin, 2pp.
1985 Volume XI #4          24 pages  
Tennessee Legislative Petition 1819   H opposition to toll gate, transcribed by D. H. Templin
Sevier Co. Marriage Book II 27 Oct/14 Apr 1878/79   R transc. By David H. Templin, 4pp.
Sevier Co. TN Abstracts From Deed Book H (cont.)   R copied by David H. Templin. 4pp.
Military Pension Applications   R 5 Rev., 2 Civil, 1 War of 1812, 2pp.
1837 Sevier County Tax List   R contr. Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian 4pp.
Tennessee Legislative Petition 1809   H ask for land survey extension, trans. D. H. Templin
Lost And Frozen Boy Identified: Edward McKinley   H Betty Boone Best
G.A.R. TN. Post #71, Newport, Cocke County   R roster of 83 persons, 2pp.
1986 Volume XII #1        28 pages  
The Cardwell Chapel 1883-1915 & 1915-1930 H/G Glenn Cardwell, 4pp.
1837 Sevier County Tax List (cont.)   R fr. Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian, 4pp.
Sevier County History Project Nears Completion    I Announcing “Gentle Winds of Change” publication
Knoxville Register   July 1825   R Unpaid tax sale notice, contr. By Nancy L. O’Neil
Family Connections Associated with Emerts Cove   G contributed by Glenn Cardwell
Andrew Lawson And The War of 1812 H/B Herbert Lawson, 2pp.
School Days In Walker’s Valley  H James Shular, 4pp. w/pics.
William Bradshaw – Malinda Wear B/G submitted by Kay Watkins Wolf
Military Pensions  R 3 Rev. 1 Civil, 1 War of 1812, 2pp.
Surveyor’s Book “E”–Cocke County, TN (1850’s)  R transcribed by Nancy L. O’Neil, 3pp.
1986 Volume XII #2        31 pages  
Philip Seaton Family Record   G contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore
The Isaac Trotter Papers   (1810 – 1885)   H contr. By Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian, 3p
Maryville, Newport, & Sevierville in 1833   H from Tennessee Gazetteer, 1834
Murphye Family Bible   G submitted by Albert W. Dockter, Jr.,  2pp.
Beechwood Hall – Through Sunlight and Shadows H/G Nancy L. O’Neil, 6pp. w/pic.
Backroad/Mountain Trail – 30 Years Hiking Smoky B/P 5pp. incl. 15 pics. Taken by A.G.”Dutch” Roth
J. Anderson On The Sultana   H contributed by Elsie K. White
Military Pensions   R 3 Rev. War; A. Hembree, J. Henry, W. Houston
Surveyor’s Book “E”, Cocke Co. ca.1850’s (cont.)   R transcribed by Nancy L. O’Neil, 5pp.
Butch Cassiday, The Sundance Kid & Bill Carver   H Florence C. Bush
1986 Volume XII #3        32 pages  
Romine(s) Family  G submitted by Charles Crosby, 2pp.
Great Granny’s Version of Shakespeare  M Florence Cope Bush, 2pp. w/pic.
Military Pension Applications  R Rev. War, John Menis; Civil War, Christopher Fox
Surveyor’s Book “E”, Cocke Co. ca.1860’s (cont.)  R transcribed by Nancy L. O’Neil, 2pp.
Crowson & Nichols Family Bibles – 1810/1915  G contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore
George McCown Store Ledger 1837 – 1838  R  contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore, 14pp.
$20 Reward  (for deserters)    H Knoxville Gazette, April 24, 1797
Sevier County Rode Steamboats Into 20th Century  H Vic Weals, 5pp. w/pics.
1986 Volume XII #4        30 pages  
Civil War Claims In The South  R contributed by Cherel B. Henderson, 5pp.
Will of David Cowan  R contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore, 2pp.
The McCown Family  G contributed by Mary R. Rury, 2pp.
Del Rio, Tennessee  H Nancy L. O’Neil, 4pp. w/pics.
The Diary of Terressa Ann Lanning McCown  B contributed by Mary R. Rury, 4pp. w/pic.
The Spirit of Christmas  M by Vic Weals, 2pp. w/pics.
Sevierville Fire of 1856 – letter dated July 6, 1856  H pub.  Sevier County Republican, 28-Feb. 1940
Some Divorce Records In Blount, Cocke & Sevier  R contributed by Nancy L. O’Neil, 4pp. circa 1800’s
Matthew Tarwater Family Bible  1822 – 1909  G contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore
Wear Homesite Dedicated – June 7, 1986  H Col. Samuel Wear homesite settled in 1834
Claim of Martin Frazier  R contributed by Betty R. Davis, 2pp.
No Footprints On The Sands Of Time  P by Virginia Scott Miner, Sat. Eve. Post 11-22-1941
Military Pensions  R 2 Civil, 1 Rev. War, submitted by Elsie K. White
Tarwater Family Bible  1790 – 1920  G contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore
1987 Volume XIII #1        32 pages  
The Lawson Family H/G Elmer E. Mize, 2pp.
Surveyor’s Book “E” Cocke Co. ca.1870’s (cont.)  R transcribed by Nancy L. O’Neil, 4pp.
Military Pensions  R 3 Civil War, Eli Blair, Wilson D. Fox, James R. Ball
Cocke County, TN 1820 Manufacturers Schedule  R William Garrett, Asst. Marshall, Cocke Co.
The Saga of Uncle Jimmie  B Helen Strange Cotton, 3pp. w/pics.
Samuel Proffitt  G compiled by Helen Strange Cotton
The Grooms Family H/G L.A. Sies, 2pp.
The Grooms Tune  H L.A. Sies
Rebel Account Claims     (33 claims)  R contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore, 5pp.
Civil War Claim of Torrence Davis  R contributed by Betty R. Davis, 2p.
The Great Flood of  ‘38  H Margaret Crabtree/Omajane Meridieth, 4pp. pics.
1987 Volume XIII #2        31 pages  
Cocke County Discoveries  R Nancy L. O’Neil
Before The Courthouse Burned  R David H. Templin – request for documentation
Littlepage Sims: The Tennessee Years H/B Marilyn G. Rowan, 5pp.
1820 Sevier County Census of Manufacturers  R transcribed by Cherel B. Henderson
Greenlawn – At The Darkening of The Day  H Nancy L. O’Neil, 4pp.
Preston Blount Love, Publ. & Printer (1840-1913)  B Beulah D. Linn & Sue S. Parton, 4pp.
Obituaries From White Oak Flats Baptist Church  O Rev. Richard Evans, Rev. E.W. Ogle, Sarah Ogle
Davis Family  G contributed by Thelma G. Reagan
Knoxville Register  Notice  January 1, 1840  H notice to settle affairs of Joseph Huff of Cocke Co.
Mary Ruth Chiles Remembered  O Beulah D. Linn
Building Roads Through The Smokies  H Edward Hunt, 5pp. w/pics.
Cocke County Revolutionary War Veterans  R compiled by Nancy L. O’Neil
1987 Volume XIII #3        30 pages  
Will of Samuel Elder  R 2pp.
Jehu Stinnet Vindicated After 79 Years  H reprinted from The Newport Plain Talk, 2pp. w/pic.
Fox Family Bible  G transcribed by Cherel Bolin Henderson, 2pp.
Runyan Family Bible  G contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore
Southern Claims Comsn., T. F. Saffell & W.R. Ellis  R abstracted by Cherel B. Henderson, 2pp.
Are You Sure You Have a Clear Title to Your Land?  H statement of John  Reagan, age 39
Letters Remaining In Maryville PO, October 1817  R listed in the Knoxville Register, 21 October 1817
James Hubbert (1742 – 1824) H/B Cherel Bolin Henderson, 12pp.
Surveyor’s Book “E” Cocke Co. – ca.1880’s (cont.)  R transcribed by Nancy L. O’Neil, 2pp.
1987 Volume XIII #4        31 pages  
Unpublished Letters – 1800’s  H Beulah Linn, 8pp. (11 letters)
Brock Family Bible  G transcribed by Cherel B. Henderson
Surveyor’s Book “E” Cocke Co. – ca.1880’s (cont.)  R transcribed by Nancy L. O’Neil, 4pp.
Randles Family – Re: John Randles b. Sept. 4,1779  G abstract by Dr. Lloyd D. Minor.
Obits. Catharine C. Rogers & Rhoda Clack Randles  O contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore
The Descendants of James Hubbert  G Cherel B. Henderson, 8pp.
Greene County, Tennessee Roads 1783-1795  H abstracted by Beulah D. Linn, 4pp.
Before The Courthouse Burned  R Nancy L. O’Neil
1988 Volume XIV #1        30 pages  
Sons of Confederate Veterans  R Doug Taylor, 2nd Lt. Commander
Our Fox Hunt  (2pp. handwritten story)  M S.H. Saffell 1858-1926, contr. By E.J. Brooks
War of 1812  R Captain Porter & Captain Perry’s Companies, 5pp.
G.A.R. – A. B. McTeer Post #39, Blount Co.  R transcribed By Cherel B. Henderson, 2pp.
Kansas Letter by D. B. Lawson   I Montgomery’s Vindicator, Sevierville June 3, 1925
Reminiscences  M Vindicator, Sevierville, Dec.16,1925, M.W. Shields
Beals – Newby Marriage   I Maryville newspaper about 1913, contr. Joe Barker
William Anderson McTeer B/G Union Army Volunteer, w/pic.
Notes From the Thomas Denton Papers  R Duay O’Neil
Among Loyal Mountaineers  H Will A. McTeer, Maryville TN, 4pp.
Gone Home, Olin Watson  (1912-1988) B/O Glenn Cardwell, 2pp.
East Tennessee National Guard (Sevier Co.)  R home guard/Civil War, contributed by Clyde Minton
1988 Volume XIV #2        35 pages  
Colonel John Tipton (Aug. 15, 1730-Aug. 1813) H/G Polly Tipton Wilson, 5pp.
Some Tennessee Land Grants in Sevier County  R 1806-1807, 15pp. contr. By Pollyanna Creekmore
1823 Legis. Petition/Change Jefferson Sevier Co. line  H Transc. By Beulah D. Linn, Cherel B. Henderson
James E. Douglas Letters-3rd TN Cav.  Rgmt. USA  H Civil War letters contributed by Ruth Cate
Searching For An Ancestor H/R Charles McConnell Hubbert, 3pp. w/pic.
Obituaries              (1904-1910-1911-1912)  R Atchley,Johnson,Emert,Hardin,Wade,Shultz
Dunn Descendants Honor 1812 Veteran  G Nancy L. O’Neil, 2pp. w/pic.
1988 Volume XIV #3        35 pages  
Alleghany Springs Hotel – Mint Tennessee  H Inez Burns, 6pp. w/pics.
British Aliens in United States during the War 1812  R Blount, Cocke, Sevier Co. abstr. By Beulah D. Linn
Family Bible of Joseph W. Chittum  G transcribed by Thelma Greene Reagan, 2pp.
1835 County Civil Districts (Act Providing For)  R Sevier 1835, Blount,  Cocke, 1836, 12pp.
House of Death – An Outlaw’s Legacy H/G Nancy L. O’Neil, 5pp. w/pics.
Knoxville Daily Chronicle, Gazette – 1800’s  H four news stories 1802 (2), 1803 & 1871
Polly Birchfield Petition for Dower  R Blount Co. Clerk’s files, from Pollyanna Creekmore
1988 Volume XIV #4        40 pages  
Biographical Sketches, Hodsden Cave Employees  B 6 pp.
Trotter – Atchley  (Letter of  March 22, 1874)  H to Miss M.J. Vinsant from Bettee Green (Grein?)
Col. Doherty’s Regiment of Militia, 1793-94  R transcribed by Cherel B. Henderson, 3pp.
A Civil War Letter   (April 6, 1863)  H Thomas McClure to wife Jane, fr. F. R. Henderson
George Washington Lawson  (1862 – 1931) H/G Herbert Lawson, 4pp. w/pics.
Fiftieth Anniversary of The Great Flood of  ‘38  H James Shular, 5pp. w/pics.
George Washington Lawson Diary, 1896-1897  H 9pp.
Mrs. Adella C. Chandler Obituary  O Sevierville Vindicator, Sept. 21, 1904
Obituaries – Jane P. Lowry, Betsy Gould  O Knoxville Register, 13 August 1828
B. M. Chandler  (1817-1900)  O Sevierville Indicator, Feb. 28, 1900
Saltpeter Workers of Hodsden Cave – 1862  H Marion O. Smith, 2pp.
Clippings from Knoxville Newspapers in 1800’s   I Knoxville’s Register, Gazette, and Whig.
1989 Volume XV #1        31 pages  
Donations to South-Western Theological Seminary  R Knoxville News Register, 24 December 1828, 5pp.
McMahan Indian Mound Dedication April 15, 1989  H Keynote Speaker, Jefferson Chapman, 2pp.
Whaley – Messer Homestead (Cabin In The Briar)  H Aileen Whaley Fowler/ Jim Shular 2pp. w/pic.
The Henry Shrader Account Book, 1855 to 1879 H/G Beulah D. Linn, 3pp.
SMHS Membership List   I 4 pp.
Andrew T. Peery’s Experience on The Sultana  H April 27, 1865,  Albert W. Dockter, Jr. 4pp.
Zwingli-ites in Sevier & Knox Counties????? H/G Albert W. Dockter, Jr., 4pp.
Obituaries From The Knoxville Register 1829–1830  O contributed by Cherel B. Henderson, 2pp.
1989 Volume XV #2        36 pages  
Manes/Manas/Manness  G Charlotte Maness 2pp.
Sevier Co.100 Years Ago  J. A. Sharp Apr.12,1951  H contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore 3pp.
Belmont Academy (1889 – 1923)  H Beulah D. Linn 7pp. w/pics
The History of the Cabin in the Briar  H Margaret Ann Roth 2pp. w/pics.
In Memoriam, Estalena Rogers Brabson  O Beulah D. Linn
State of Tennessee Commission Book I, 1796/ 1801  R Blount. Cocke, Jefferson, Sevier Co.’s, 9pp.
McCuistion Family  G Dewey McCuistian 2pp.
1989 Volume XV #3        32 pages  
1788 Petitions of Inhabitants of Greene County  R transcribed by Mattie Dunlap, 4pp.
Christmas Remembered……by a few old timers  M contributed by Glenn Cardwell, 2pp.
Burns Family Bible (1786 – 1886)  G contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore, 3pp.
Mount Nebo – Melrose &  Kinzel Springs Hotels  H Inez Burns, 6pp. w/pics.
Obituaries from the Boyd’s Creek Baptist Church  O Sally Creswell 10/10/1904, L.C.Burns 7/17/1903
A Wake or a “Sittin’ Up”  M Lucinda Oakley Ogle, 2pp.
More Memories of Death in a Mountain Community  M Glenn Cardwell
Union Sentiment in Smoky Mountain Area  H Civil War history  J.B. Lawson, 1928, 5pp.
In Memoriam – Sidney Paul Wade 1949 – 1989  O Cherel Henderson, SMHS Journal Editor
1989 Volume XV #4        28 pages  
Allen Family Bible (1832 – 1959)  G photo copy of handwritten pages, 2pp.
Family Group Reports – Carver & Bradley  G 2pp.
Sevier County Court Approves SMHS Move   I James Shular
Junglebrook – A Place Discovered  M Florence Cope Bush, 3pp. w/pic.
Fire At New Sevierville Post Office   I Occupied June 1988, fire on February 27,1990
Dumplin Baptist Church Roll, 1839 & Later  R contributed by Ruth Cate, 5pp.
Tennessee Legis. Petition (claim for land rights)  R transcribed by Beulah D. Linn, 4pp.
Digging For My Cocke County Ancestors  M Evelyn A. Williams, 2pp. w/pics.
When Grandpa Hunt Went to Athens  M Edward Hunt, 2pp.
1990 Volume XVI #1        31 pages  
“Churching” – The Mountaineers’  Law  H Margaret C. Bush, 4pp.
George Doherty of Tennessee B/G A.G. Campbell, 4pp.
The Family of William Murphy  G Richard Simerly, 4pp.
Wildwood Springs, An Early Blount County Spa  H Inez Burns, 2pp.
Knoxville Register, February 22, 1832  H $10 Reward for runaway from James Henry
Birthdays of Sevier County  1750 – 1810  R contributed by Richard Simerly, 4pp.
Mexican War Pension Application of Thomas Ogle  R abstracted by Beulah D. Linn
The Arwood Cemetery Restoration   I Kevin Pate, 3pp. w/pics.
Bank Robbers Intercepted  H Vindicator, Oct. 18,1899, contr. Ruby H. Sims 2pp.
1990 Volume XVI #2        32 pages  
Amazing Maize – Mountain Cabins To White House  H Florence Cope Bush, 3pp. incl. Sketches
Evans Chapel #1   1883 – 1933  H Beulah D. Linn, 10pp. w/pic.
Family of William Hatcher  G Richard Simerly, 6pp.
Last Will and Testament of Robert Wilson  R fr. William P. Wilson, trans. Betty R. Davis, 3pp.
Military Pension Applications  R Rev. War–Wm. & Elizabeth Henry, Joseph Large
1990 Volume XVI #3        30 pages  
Claim/Civil War Widow’s Pension: Malinda Henry  R contr. Elizabeth Parker, trans. Betty R. Davis 5pp.
Bounty Land For War of  1812; George Whittle  R fr. JoAnne Allenbaugh, trans. Betty R. Davis, 6pp
Obituaries from Boyd’s Creek Baptist Church  O H. S. Houk, 1875; Martha Johnson 1878, 2pp.
Joseph, Son of  Samuel and Sarah Vance G/B Thomas O. Pinkerton, 5pp.
Cades Cove Voters,  1882  R contributed by Kitty Manscill, 6pp.
Will of Joseph Vance, Sevier County 1822  R abstracted by Margaret Vance Webb, 2pp.
1990 Volume XVI #4        30 pages  
Some Early Wills of Cocke &  Sevier Countians  R contr. By C. Henderson, trans. Betty R. Davis, 6pp.
History About Smoky Mountain Foothills People H/G Nora Harbin DeArmond, 3pp.
A Father and Son At Andersonville Prison – 1860’s H/G Marie M. & Charles L. Ottinger, 5pp.
A Cold Winter Night  B Margaret Ann Roth, 3pp. w/pics.
William Murphy Family (cont.)  G missing sheet from Vol. XVI Issue 1, Spring 1990
Obituaries from Boyd’s Creek Baptist Church  O Wm. Widner, 9/4/1904; Eva Widner 9/30/1904
From The Ingle Family Album   I photos courtesy of Cora Ingle Walker, 2pp. pics.
1991 Volume XVII #1        35 pages  
Randles Deed, Sevier County, TN 1816  R contributed by Kenneth Randles, 2pp.
Clabough Bible Records  G contributed by Don G. Franks, 2pp.
Ownby-Sims-Stapp Connections for Sevier County  G Richard Steven Simerly, 4pp.
Volunteers Complete Roof on Cabin in Geenbrier   I Aileen Whaley Fowler, 2pp. w/pics.
Marriage Book III Sevier County TN  R 9/28/1879 to 10/24/1881 14pp., David H. Templin
1991 Volume XVII #2        36 pages  
Marriage Book III, Sevier County TN  R 16 Oct 1881-6 Sept 1883, 15pp., David H. Templin
Bible – Easterly Family Record  G contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore, 3pp.
Ashley Eledge, Genealogy and Bible Record  G submitted by Arthur S. Rainwater, 3pp.
Bryan Thomas Restores Atchley Cemetery   I 2pp. w/pics.
The Fox Family  G contributed by Larry Fox, 7pp.
1991 Volume XVII #3        28 pages  
Bible of Archibald Clabo  G Presented to Archibald Clabough Oct 29, 1875
Letter from Andrew J. Lillard to Willis Gray (1884)  H contr. by Duay O’Neil, 2pp.
Roosevelt’s Boys  (Part I)  H James H. Laugherty, 8pp.
Levi Lewis – War of 1812 Bounty Land Application  R abstracted by Beulah D. Linn, fr. Steve Simmerly, 2pp.
Davis Campbell – War of 1812 Pension Application  R contributed. by Steve Simmerly
Solomons  G contributed by Edith Bolin, 2pp. w/pics.
Origins of Names of Peaks in the Great Smokies  H Margaret Ann Roth, 3pp. w/pics.
Davis Campbell – War of 1812 Bounty Land App.  R contributed & abstracted by Steve Simmerly
1991 Volume XVII #4        32 pages  
Blount County, TN 1820 Manufacturer’s Schedule  R abstracted by Cherel B. Henderson,  3pp.
John McCrosky of Sevier County, Tennessee  R Rev. War Pension App. Fr. Odessa LaRoche 3pp.
Reprinted From The Republican Star (misc. news) I/R Sevierville, TN Friday June 30, 1893, 6pp.
Spring Time In The Smokies (by Mrs. Ruth O’Dell) H/B Montgomery’s Vindicator, Sept. 29, 1937, 8pp.
In Memoriam – Grace Newman Etherton  E Edward R. Walker III
My Triple ‘C’ Mountain Home (Part II)  B  James H. Laugherty, 7pp. 
1992 Volume XVIII #1        34 pages  
Reprinted From The Sevierville Enterprise  N Sevierville 6/1/1882, 5pp. 10 news items
Civil War Pension Application Abstracts  R submitted by Duay O’Neil, 3pp.
Oscar C. Goins  B from Memoirs of Georgia, Southern Hist. Assn. 1895
Decoration Day – An Old Sevier County Custom  H Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian, 10pp. pic.
Dr. Robert F. Thomas (recollections by Dr. Thomas) H/B introduction by Beulah D. Linn, 2pp
Old Fourteen-Sixty-One (Part III)  B James H. Laugherty, 6pp.
1992 Volume XVIII #2        39 pages  
Cocke Co. Marriage Records Feb 1877-Oct 1880  R Jenny Goodman, Larry Fox & Betty R. Davis, 4pp.
Family Reunions    (70 listings of)   I annual events May through December 4pp.
In Memoriam – Charles Aaron Huskey  E Jerry H. McCarter, 2pp.
1992 Volume XVIII #3        37 pages  
Carver Deed Abstracts – Blount County  R contributed by Florence Cope Bush, 3pp.
Morganton–A City At Rest  H Contr. By Betty Murr & Jennie Goodman, 5pp.
Ancestor Chart  G from Cope – Woodruff Family Bible
Family Bible of William H. Frasier  G contributed by Jennie Goodman
Pigeon Forge Heritage   I announce  Pigeon Forge Historic Trolley Tour 2pp.
Old Fourteen-Sixty One  (Conclusion)  B James H. Laugherty, 6pp.
Lost Counties of Tennessee  H Inez Burns, 5pp.
Eusebia Presbyterian Church (Marriages1832/1834)  R from Carl J. York
Copy of National Archives Record  R Ms. Martha Erickson, re: Archibald Campbell
1992 Volume XVIII #4        53 pages  
Journey From Mt. Etna To The Great Smokies H/G Toni Lee Lazzara Thornton, 12pp.
Ogle Deeds  R contributed by Jennie Goodman, 7pp.
Seeking Information On Sevier County Schools  R lists 122 schools, Olene Large Cagle wants info.
In Memoria – Zola Green Ogle Moore  E Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian
Ancestor Charts – Mary Jane Chambers  G compiler, Rosa Lee R. Calame, 2pp.
Ancestor Charts – Carl Jeane Turner  G from Dr. Carl J. Turner, Longview Texas 2pp.
Ancestor Charts – Adam H. Jr.& John Pitner  G compiler, Rosa Lee R. Calame, 2pp.
Family Bible of W. L. Inman, Sevier County  G contributed by Edythe Fox Inman
Christmas Then And Now  M Ruth Austin Githens, 2pp
Stones of Remembrance  M Roy Glenn Cardwell, 6pp.
1993 Volume XIX #1        66 pages  
Cades Cove Methodist Church  1855 – 1893  R membership rolls, handwritten & typed, 34pp.
A Letter From Arkansas  H written by Hugh B. Baker, Tuesday, the 26,1886
Goodbye To An Old Friend  (Sears Catalog)  M Florence Cope Bush
Levi Whittle–Boyd Creek, Sevier Co. TN G/R submitted by JoAnne Allenbaugh, 2pp.
Ancestor Chart – Minnie Sue Williamson  G submitted by Sue W. Crawford, 2pp.
Ancestor Chrt/James Robert Carroll Calvin Loveday  G submitted by Mary Nell Painter
Civil War Genealogy  G George K. Schweitzer, Ph.D., Sc.D 2pp.
Morganton – Part Two  H info. From Jennie Goodman, Betty Murr, 3pp.
1993 Volume XIX #2        60 pages  
Homecoming Mountain Style  M Florence Cope Bush
Happy Father’s Day – The Mountain Poet  P Sylvia Sexton, January 31, 1992
Henderson Roots & Twigs I/G Horace Luftin – rev. 2 Henderson family books.
James Henry Lawson R/B contributed by Reba Mitchell – biographical sketch
Names From Minutes of Lufty Baptist Church  R from 1836 to mid 1890’s, 15pp.
Cocke Co. TN Marriage Records 1880-84 Vol. 2  R Jennie Goodman, Larry Fox, Betty R. Davis 4pp.
1993 Volume XIX #3        64 pages  
Family Tree of Elizabeth McMahan Adamitis  G Elizabeth McMahan Adamitis
Letter from Rev. James Lawson – Jan 12,1892  H handwritten reproduction, 4pp.
Family Reunions (70 listings)   I annual listings from May through December, 4pp.
The Spirit of the Smokies – Miss Elsie Burrel   I Florence Cope Bush writes of National recognition
Middle Creek Morning – 1945  P Jeane Sexton, copyright 29-3-1993
Sevier Co. Marriage Records Pt. III 11/1883-11/1887  R trans. By C. Thomas, O. Meridieth, L. Fox, 40pp.
Gladys Trentham Russell – A Girl With A Dream  M biographical sketch
1993 Volume XIX #4        67 pages  
Wear Family Bible  G contributed by Harold Clabough, 3pp.
Allen Mantooth Family Bible  G contributed by Jennie Goodman, 3pp.
Sevier Co. Marriage Records #IV 12/1887-12/1890  R trans./Christine Thomas/Omajane Meridieth 35pp.
Martha Roberts Carver, and Related Genealogy B/G F.C. Bush, B. D. Linn, 7pp. w/docs.
Family Chart – James Cameron II  G source not given
Subject: Family/ Emert or Emmert  G source unknown at time of printing
Family  Chart – William “Bill” J. Bradley  G compiler Gloria R. Owenby, 3/1/86
Maples Coat of Arms  R contributed by Charles E. Maples
1994 Volume XX #1        36 pages  
The Horatio Butler House H/G Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian, 3pp.
Index/Confederate Pension Applications/Cocke Co.  R Abstra. By Inez Burns, Blount Co. Historian, 4pp
Index – SMHS Newsletters  1972-1993  R complied by Jim Shular, 7 pp.
The Horatio Butler House, Field Study  H James Shular, 9 pp. w/ pics.
Memoriam-Mildred Louis Kron Reagan1923-1993  O Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian
1994 Volume XX #2        36 pages  
Andrew Wells – Revolutionary War Veteran  G Malcom C. Wells
Richwoods – Lost Community in the National Park  H Betty Boone Best, 14 pp. w/diag. & pics.
Polly Toole Saved Valuable Records  H Adele McKenzie of the Daily Times Staff
The Aaron A. Runyan Family Bible  G contributed by Joseph A. Chilton, Jr.
Some East Tennesseans in Arkansas  G from Goodspeed’s 1889 History of Arkansas, 3pp.
The Ancestors & Descendants of Andrew Wells  G G.R. Wells, Brd of Dir., Sevier Co. (Bk. Review)
Massacre In The Philippines – A Plea for Help  R wants info on 1901 battle incl. Sevier Co. men.
1994 Volume XX #3        35 pages  
The Appalachian Trail In The Smokies  H Sherrill Hatcher, 3pp.
The Life of Sidney Lanier As Related to His Work  B North Callahan, 10 pp. w/pics.
Dennis Family Bible  G contributed by E.R.Walker
The Civil War Diary of  Lt. P. P. Seaton H/B abstract from’ by Beualah D. Linn, 7pp. + pic.
Transition – Ogle – Roberts – Lovin  O (Russell C. Ogle; Ina Wear Roberts; Lon Burl Lovin)
Sam Houston’s Boyhood Home in Blount County  H Adele McKenzie 4pp. w/pics.
1994 Volume XX #4        36 pages  
List/Deceased-Allens Grove Mission Baptist Church  R 1900-1911, transcribed by Duay O’Neil
Gone To Bradley County, or Maybe Polk  R abstracts from Bradley Co. by Jim Shular, 8pp.
Index-Confederate Pension Applications Blount Co.  R Abstr. By Inez Burns, Blount Co. Historian, 2pp.
Allen Family Bible Record & Allen Cemetery Update  G 2pp.
Lewis Family Bible  G contributed by E. R. Walker, Cocke Co. Historian
Festival of Christmas Past – The First 18 Years  I Margaret Ann Roth, 4pp. w/pics.
Transition – Bessie Ruth Harvey  O Model for Polly Toole Statue, Dies
Two Fish Tales  “The Art of Fishing-Cleaning Fish”  M Margaret Ann Roth
Gilbert Porter 1827 – 1862  H grave marker found in Little Rock Arkansas
The Little School In Jones Cove  H including sketch by Frances Ostergren, 3pp.
Richard Lanning, Resolutions of Respect  O from the Knoxville Tribune, 20 February 1877
Walker Family Bible, Published 1892  G contributed by Larry D. Fox
1995 Volume XXI #1        36 pages  
East Tennessee Cantilever Barns  H Marian Moffett, 14 pp. w/pics./diags.
Bruce Proffitt Family Bible  G contributed by Robert Parton
Confederate Pension Applications, Sevier Co. TN  R abstracted by Inez Burns 2pp.
Charter Members of Old Sugarloaf Baptist Church  R circa. 1851/1855, abstracted by Gary Bolin
Artist’s Elkmont Cabin on National Register  H contributed by Mayna Avent Nance, 3 pp. w/pics.
1995 Volume XXI #2        36 pages  
Pres.’s Letter to Newspaper (opposing Park fees)  N Larry D. Fox, President, SMHS
The Editors Letter   (commentary on the times)  N Jim Shular, 2+ pp..
Sevier County Heritage Museum   I appeal for Associate Membership 2pp.
A Week In The Great Smoky Mountains  M contr. By Glenn Cardwell, 15pp.
More Information needed before Park charges fees  N The Mountain Press, 20 June 1995
Transition-Breeden, Phipps  O Edith Gladys Hurst Breeden/Effie Shelton Phipps
1995 Volume XXI #3        37 pages  
John C. Evans  B contributed by Mary Lea Apple, 2pp.
Sarah Jeffers Whitson G/B JoAnne Allenbaugh
The Early Architecture of Sevier Co. 1795 – 1860  H Robbie D. Jones, 20 pp. w/pics.
1995 Volume XXI #4        48 pages  
Roll of Honor, Blount & Cocke County  R 2pp.
Sevier County Veterans Monument Dedicated   I photograph by Frances Ostergren
Sevier Countians Who Gave Lives For Freedom  H Aileen Fowler
Charles McGaha, An American Hero  H James Shular, 17 pp. w/pics.
The 959th Field Artillery  H James Shular, 5 pp.
Sevier County and World War II  H Patsy Galyon Bradford, 9 pp
Roll of Honor, Blount County  H  
Transition- Boswell, Carroll, Russel  O Dorothy Abbott B; Don Dexter C; Samuel H.R
1996 Volume XXII #1        36 pages  
Taking A Look At Look Rock  H Betty Boone Best, 5 pp. w/pics.
Memoirs–Rev. Spencer Henry  E Methodist Episcopal Church, 1883
Sevier County Tennessee Marriages, 1920  R compiled by Bob Parton, 9 pp.
Ownby’s General Store Burns    (1909)  H Carolyn Ownby
Some Notes on the Denton and Whitson Families  G Joanne Allenbaugh, 6pp.
Our Gray Ghosts – Book Review by James Shular G/H author Duay O’Neil, Story of James Gray & Family
Alexander Anderson  G from Kenneth Anderson
1996 Volume XXII #2        32 pages  
The Samuel Baker – Margaret McMeans Family  G Bruce B. Baker, 2+  pp.
The James Mansen Baker – Asia S. Trotter Family  G Bruce B. Baker, 3 pp..
The Simon Fox – Laura L. Baker Family  G Bruce B. Baker
The West Fork of the Little Pigeon River  H Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian, 2pp.
The Rev. Lemuel Bogart, In Memoriam  O Sevier County Republican, May 8, 1888
The Lemuel Bogart Marriage Records 1842-1856  R Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian, 2pp.
Blount County Historian Honored   I Inez Burns, March 2, 1996
Family Bible of Nathaniel Martin Baker  G submitted by Bruce B. Baker
New Hotel For Sevierville  N Sevier County Record-Republican, Dec. 18,1918
Sevier County Historian Honored   I Beulah Duggan Linn, August 5, 1996
Transition --  O of A. Randolph  Shields/ Mary Ellen Shular
Votes for Women  H A. Lee Hickman
A Sad Accident – Vassar Brown Killed by Train  N Newport Plain Talk,  Sept. 29, 1900
1996 Volume XXII #3        32 pages  
Sam Houston’s Boyhood Homesite Marked  H Inez Burns, 3 pp. w/pic.
Post Office Robbed  H Montgomery’s Vindicator, Oct 8, 1902
Jefferson County Court Minutes 1792-1798  H contributed by Elaine R. Wells, 3 pp.
Recollections of a Somewhat Early Childhood  B Paul Pardue, 2 pp. w/pic.   I SMHS now on the Internet
Sevier County Will Book 1 1849-1897  R transcribed by James L. Breeden 3 pp.
Biography of Elder Richard Wood  B TN Baptist Assn. Minutes pp. 181-195, 2pp.
Festival of Christmas Past  N Sugarlands Visitor Center, Dec. 14, 1996, 3 pp.
Eli Fox Died  O Montgomery’s Vindicator, Oct. 23, 1901
Sevier County Court Minutes April 6, 1863  H contributed by Elaine R. Wells, 3 pp
1996 Volume XXII #4        32 pages  
Jefferson County Court Clerk Minutes (continued)  H from July 1792-Jan 1798 by Elaine Wells, 8 pp.
Sam Logan Drowns  N Montgomery’s Vindicator July 3, 1901
Logan (Judge S. T. Logan Died.)  N Montgomery’s Vindicator Oct. 23,1901
Mrs. M. M. Rowan Dec. 27,1819- Aug. 17,1901 E/O Montgomery’s Vindicator Oct.23,1901
Lost Grave Site of Andrew Wells Believed Found  H Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian, 2pp.
Uniting the Lovelady Family  G Wilma Baldwin Moore, 10 pp.
History of Early Manning Family  H Elaine Wells, 2 pp.
1997 Volume XXIII #1        32 pages  
Frances Malinda Mize (Eulogy of SMHS Member)  E E. R. Walker III
Sevier Co. Circuit Court Record April Term, 1845  R contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore, 2pp.
Transition – Mack Marshall – Frances D. Mize  O Hettie Montgomery Paine – Elza Nichols Slatery
Confessions Of A Smoky Mountainphile   I Doug Redding, 3pp.
Lewis Wayland Senior G/B Jane Crouch Williams 8pp. w/pics. & docs.
Pittman Center City Hall on National Register  H Glenn Cardwell, 2pp.
1997 Volume XXIII #2        40 pages  
Centennial of Sevier County’s 5th Courthouse 1896  H Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian
Obituary of George W. Trotter  O John Trepan
The Historic Architecture of Sevier County   I authored by Robbie D. Jones
Memories of Big Greenbrier, Sevier Co. Part I  B Evolena Ownby, 11 pp. w/pics.
Sevier Co. Will Book 2,  Jan. 1897-Oct. 1922  R transcribed by James L. Breeden 3 pp.
Minutes of 1966 John Huskey Genealogical Assn.  H founding of  SMHS, cont. by Ruth Matthews
Old Sevier County P O. on Historical Register   I  
Book Reviews   I James Shular, 6 reviews, 3pp.
1997 Volume XXIII #3        32 pages  
Transition- Arthur Blaine Large  O Beulah D. Linn
Newport Editor is Wounded at shoot-out 8/12/1917  H posse & moonshiners battle, news of Aug-22-1917
Descendants of Jesse Owen Webb B/G Jay S. Webb 6pp.
Happy Valley Church Has Roots In Park  H Betty Boone Best, 4 pp. w/pics.
Memories of Big Greenbrier, Sevier Co. Part II  B Evolena Ownby 10 pp. w/pics.
1997 Volume XXIII #4        32 pages  
Lifetime Membership Honorees – 1997  B B. D. Linn,I. Burns, N. Callahan, M. A. Roth 8pp.
Floodtime on the Little Pigeon  (April 1920?)  M Paul Pardue
Floods Sweep the County-Much Property Destroyed  H 4-1-1920 –contr. By Frances Wade Ostergren
Transition–Olga Jones Edwards, Robert Park  O Ruby Henderson Sims, Dr. Paul L. Atchley
Memories of Big Greenbrier, Sevier Co. Part III  B Evolena Ownby, 10pp. w/pics.
Book Review-The Great Dank   I about Charles Henry Fine, Sevier Co. “Houdini”
1998 Volume XXIV #1        32 pages  
Life After Big Greenbrier, Sevier Co. Part IV  B conclusion by Evolena Ownby, 9pp.
Genealogy Etiquette   I Ruth E. Carroll  
Sheriff’s Sale Announced by The Knoxville Register  R circa 1812 – 1829, contr. By Pollyanna Creekmore
Lamon Family Bible  G contributed by Jettie L. Christian
Childhood Chores  M Paul Pardue, 3pp.
Estate Sale of the Late William Huskey (2 July1861)  R abstr. By Jim Shular fr. Sevier Co. Court Records
1998 Volume XXIV #2        53 pages  
Little River Train Wreck – 1929  H Veta Wilson King, 2pp.
Transition – Anna Rue Rolen Williamson,   O Adele N. Broady McKenzie, Garland Ray Wells
Obituaries/ Minutes of TN Assn. Primitive Baptists  O abstracted by Jim Shular, 5pp.
Ferries On The French Broad River In Sevier County  H Underwood-Wells-Wilhoite-Henderson-Linn, 12pp.
Grandmother Boring And Grandpa Jim  M Edith Boring White, 2pp.
Soldier Headstones Have Arrived 
 H Vindicator, June 24, 1908, contr. Beulah D. Linn
Hidden Hendersons Of Early Sevier County  H F. Robert Henderson, 8pp.
Robert Carson  G contributed by Dorothy H. Renaud, 2pp.
Some 1876 Sevier County Obituaries O/H from Knoxville Daily Chronicle, Dec. 28,1876
1998 Volume XXIV #3        40 pages  
A Short Biography of William Robertson  B Debra Pack Gilberstadt, 5/18/96, 2pp.
Grace Moore Film Festival Announcement   I Newport/Cocke Co. Museum Event Aug.1,1998
Jesse Stafford Obituary  O Montgomery Vindicator Feb. 1, 1899
The Civilian Conservation Corps In Tennessee  H Inez Burns, 11pp. w/pics.
Starting To School & Other Painful Inflictions M/B  Paul Pardue, 3pp.
Listening To The Men of the Mountain  H Fred Brown, Knoxville News-Sentinel 10/26/1998
Adele – A Half Century of Memories  M Inez Burns, Blount County Historian, 2pp.
Rhea-Mims Hotel Placed In The National Register   I Announced July 1, 1998
Emanuel Fox Deed  H 8 April 1841 by Gov. W. Trousdale
Aaron Ownby Deed  H 3 December 1849 by Gov. A. Johnson
Obituary – John Jackson Penland  O Montgomery Vindicator February 1, 1899
Transition – Willie Reford Lamons  O July 6, 1998
1998 Volume XXIV #4        40 pages  
Presdient’s 1998 Annual Report   I Glenn Cardwell 2pp.
Forks-of-the-Little Pigeon Delegates to Baptist Assn  H before 1807, trans. By Elaine Wells, Beulah Linn
The Edward McKinley Family – An Update H/G Betty Boone Best, 4pp.
Morell Family Bible Record  G contr. E. R. Walker III, Cocke County Historian
Act Authorizing Sevier Co. to Provide Free Ferries  H contr. By Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian 
William Carroll Thomas Progeny G/H Book Review by J. Shular
Wiley – Margaret Adair King/I Greenbier Cove G/H Book Review by J. Shular
Old Fences  P Ron Evans w / pictures of 6 old fences, 2pp.
My Layman Ancestors  G Earl R. Layman, 14pp.
Adrian R. Haynes Letter re: Cemetery Book  M Adrian R. Haynes April 29, 1998
1999 Volume XXV #1        31 pages  
Acquisition of Land For GSMNP    H speech by Virgil F. Carmichael, Nov. 6,1998. 9pp.
Water Boy – My Days as a Well Diggers Assistant  M Paul Pardue, 2pp.
Miss Viola Compton H/M Brenda Wilburn, 3pp. w/pic.
Sevier County Place Names   I comp. By Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian, 3pp
McNabb Family Bible  G contr. By E. R. Walker III
1999 Volume XXV #2        30 pages  
A Dennis Family History  G
contr. By E.R. Walker III, Cocke Co. Historian
Pittman Center- Early History of Pittman Center  H Glenn Cardwell, 5pp. w/pics
In Memory of Rev. W. N. Lindsey
 M Dr. A. W. Roberts, 3pp. w/pic
Dedication-Rev. War Marker to Robert Duggan, Sr.   I Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian, 3 pp.
Elisha Wilburn Parton and The Civil War H/B Jay Webb, 2pp
Above The Clouds  H Letter of Belle Cook, September 4, 1896, 3 pp.
1999 Volume XXV #3        32 pages  
President’s Annual Report for 1999   I Glenn Cardwell, 3 pp
Mountain View Hotel  H Removed from National Register, 1 pp  w/pics
Down Memory Lane (Part I) H/M  Ezalee Kear Spencer, 5 pp.
Prominent Sevier County Craftsmen Honored  H With Tennessee State Markers, 5 pp w/pics
Honoring The Sabbath and How My Father Broke It  M Paul Pardue
Obituaries, Edith Burns Little, Hazel Vineyard Burton
 O V. Helen Strange Cotton
Henry’s Cross Road School (Basssett Institute)  H Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian 3 pp w/pic
A Piece of the Smokies in Middle Tennessee  G Bruce D. Price, 3 pp
Richard Marius, Harvard Professor & Novelist Dies  O  
1999 Volume XXV #4        60 pages  
Down Memory Lane (Part 2) H/M Ezalee Kear Spencer, 10 pp.
Joel and Sarah Huff Kear Family Bible  G contr./Florence Carr Trentham & Beulah D. Linn
What Will Become of My Research?   I from Whittier Area Genealogical Society
Edith Burns Little Graveside Service,  May 8, 1999  E submitted by Inez Burns, Blount County Historian
Government Headstones Received H/G Montgomery’s Vindicator Nov. 23,1898
Aunt Betsy Trantham Dies at 150 H/G from the booklet Tennessee Heritage
Obituaries – Velma Ownby Lamons  January 3,2000  O long time SMHS member & old harp singer, pic.
The Big Boom M/H  Paul Pardue, 2 pp.
2000 Volume XXVI #1       50 pages  
Down Memory Lane, (Part 3) H/M Ezalee Kear Spencer, 7 pp.
Paradise Lost, The Saga of the “Little T”  H Inez Burns, Blount Co. Historian, 6 pp. 
Inez Burns Honored M/B excerpts of speech by Katherine Bryant, 2 pp.
The First Location of Wears Cove Baptist Church  H Elaine Wells, 5 pp, incl. Docs.-pic.
Churches of Wears Valley  H Ida Headrick Myers, 2 pp.
Wears Cove Land Grants (Map)   H contributed by Elaine Wells, 2 pp.
North Callahan Honored In Chattanooga & Knoxville   I SMHS life member and author  honored.
Greenlawn Removed from National Register    I age takes its toll, structure no longer exists.
Greenlawn – At The Darkening of the Day  H Nancy L. O’Neal, 9 pp. incl. 10 pics.
Father – A Short Reminiscence  B Paul Pardue, 2 pp. incl. Pic.
Pot of Smoky Mountain Genealogical Gold  R Dr. Joseph H. “Jay” Childress
Sevier County, TN  Will Book 3 1922-1937  R transcribed by James Breeden, 2 pp.
2000 Volume XXVI #2       32 pages  
Sevier County, Tennessee Officeholders H/R Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian, 6 pp.
Tales from Hall’s Top Mountain H/M Phyllis Wallin, 4 pp. 2 pics.
Up Hazel Creek and Under Fontana Lake H/G Betty Boone Best, 12 pp., 13 pics.
Mother – A Short Reminiscence   M Paul Pardue, 3 pp., w/pic.
2000 Volume XXVI #3       32 pages  
Down Memory Lane (Part 4) H/M Ezalee Kear Spencer, 3 pp.
Ella Francis McMahan (1855 – Nov. 27,__)  O submitted by Wilma Moore.
Hodges Family Bible  G copied and submitted by Larry D. Fox.
James B. Seaton (1831 – 1905)  O submitted by Wilma Moore.
John Clinkenbeard: Revolutionary War Soldier H/B from Greene County Genealogical Society.
Biographical Sketches of Sevier Co. Civil War Vets H/B from East Tennessee Historical Society.
Book Review by Jim Shular of Downbound  B the autobiography of John B. Waters, Jr.
Tales From Hall’s Top Mountain H/M Phyliss Wallin, 4+ pp.
McCookville Mission-School Building Completed  H Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian.
Rev. James D. Lawson (1826 – 1906)  O submitted by Wilma Moore.
N. W. Emert (1820 – 1906)  O submitted by Wilma Moore.
Ebersole Ancestors G/I Ruth Eversole, 2 pp.
Julia Helton (1883 – 1920)  O youngest daughter of J. H. Murphy.
The Methodist Sevierville Circuit H/I Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian, 3 pp.
French Broad Baptist Church (1842 petition)  H submitted by JoAnne Allenbaugh.
White Oak Flats Baptist Church  H submitted by JoAnne Allenbaugh.
Obituaries: Nancy Lampson O’Neil, Ray J. King, -&-  O Iva Drinnen McMurry.
Civil War Veteran’s Daughter Dies In Maryville  O Elsie Margaret Burrell.
Martha R. Butler 1829 – 1904)  O
contributed by Wilma Moore.
2000 Volume XXVI #4       32 pages  
From The Editor   I Jim Shular, Editor of Journal
The Korean War  H R. Glenn Cardwell, 4pp. w/pic..
Conflict  Korea 1950-1953  H James Shular, 5pp. w/pic.
Otha Emert, Professional Soldier H/B James Shular, 12pp. w/pics.
Ralph McGill H/I reprint courtesy Atlanta Journal.
Korean War Service Medal Available to Veterans H/I courtesy The Tennessee Legionnaire
President’s Annual Report H/I R. Glenn Cardwell, President SMHS, 2pp.
2001 Volume XXVII #1       32 pages  
From The Editor   I James Shular, Editor
Annual Dinner   I announcing date of 10-27-2001
Sevier County Road Superintendents  H Beulah Linn, Sevier County Historian 2pp.
Roscoe Reagan, Son of Civil War Veteran B/H Rick Reagan, 2pp.
Golden Leaves: Clack Family B/H submitted by Sam Maner, Sevier Co. Public Libr.
Pigeon Forge Library Dedication   I Sunday April 29, 2001 – 4 pp. of pics.
Martin Family  G submitted by Duane Oliver, 6pp.
Edward Hunt Obituary   O January 22, 2001 – Avid member and contributor.
Louis E. Jones, Early Smoky Mountain Artist B/H Glenn Cardwell, 2pp.
White Oak Flats vs. White Oak Flats  H researched by Ruth Matthews
2001 Volume XXVII #2       32 pages  
Beverage Branam Founder/Rocky Grove Bpt.Church G/O Sam Maner/Beulah D. Linn, Sevier Co. Historian
Descendants of David Palmer Branam  G Four generations, 6 pp. comp/McCarter,
David P. Branam’s Will H/I Blount Co. Will Book 1, Pg. 7-8
Branam Property Deed (Sale of)   I Blount Co. Vol. Z Page 132-133
Elijah Branam Picture, Civil War Discharge Paper   I Co. E 3rd  Regiment of the TN Mounted Calvary
Marion Beverage Branam   I Picture of, provided by Robert McCarter
Headricks Chapel, 1901 – 2001  H R. Glenn Cardwell
Headrick Chapel Warranty Deed & Picture of   I Sevier Co. Warranty Deed Book 4, pp 445-446
Smoky Mountain Pioneer Families & Ogle & Huskey H/G Donald B. Reagan, 3 pp. w/chart.
Martha Engert Pardue  O  
Vic Weals B/O James Shular, 2pp w/pics.
Delegates fr Sevier Co./ TN Baptist Assn. 1803-1862   I Elaine Wells/Beulah D. Linn Sevier Co. Historian
Mrs. Hettie E. Lawson  O The Vindicator, Sept. 27,1933 fr Beulah D. Linn
Book Reviews by James Shular/Occupation Index   I Hist. Layman Fmly./Bethel Bapt. Church Records
2001 Volume XXVII #3       36 pages  
The Tortured Journey of the McMahan Mound  H James E. Shular, 18 pp. w/pics
A Mini History of Rocky Grove Baptist Church  H Ruth Matthews & Sam Maner
Homecoming Day At Rocky Grove, August 17,1972  H Marjorie McMahan, Cocke County Banner
Homecoming Held At Rocky Grove Church  H Marjorie McMahan, Banner Staff Writer, 1973
Rocky Grove Church Has Annual Homecoming  H Marjorie McMahan, Banner staff Writer, 1971
Blaze Destroys Church  H August 18, 1992
Bible of Jim Helton  G contributed by Larry D. Fox
Mrs. Sallie Seaton, Obituary 1828 – 1912  O submitted by Wilma Moore
Kermit Hunter, Obituary  O J. Shular
2001 Volume XXVII #4       32 pages  
President’s Annual Report   I Glenn Cardwell, SMHS President
The Mining of Alum Cave  H Gary C. Jenkins, 5 pp
Francis Lyle Bettis Obituary  O 81 years, died 9/22/2001
Cemetery Update: The Ellis Cemetery   I 2 pp w/pics.
Lonnie Line Family Bible  G Copied by J. Shular 1991
Harry Caudill Book Award   I News release from Bookworm & Silverfish
Blount County Gets New Library  N Grand opening May 2,2002 pic/artist’s rendition
Cabin of William Richardson Site of Indian Massacre  H Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian, 3 pp
Indian Mound on the French Broad River  H Letter about dated 11/26/1886
T.W. Stansbury Appointed Asst. Archaeologist   I The Sevier County Republican Wed. April 23,1930
L. S. Roberts  O Died May 16, 1905, submitted by Wilma Moore.
Frank McClung Museum Announcement   I Archaeology and the Native People of TN Exhibit
Documentation of Early Ogle Families  G Donald B. Reagan, 2 pp.
Historical Society Member Pens New Book   I Diary of Dutch Reformed Church West Hempstead
Sarah Emily Dawson Brabson – Short Reminiscence M/B Interview by Doris Nowell Teague & Melba Bailey
Elizabeth Snead Shue Obit  O +83, died September 27, 2001
2002 Volume XXVIII #1      32 pages  
Letters   I Three from members to editor Jim Shular
Sevier County Community Schools – 1915  H Sam Maner, Beulah Linn, 8 pp w/pics.
The Right Name for the Right Cousin   I Genealogy Society of Rowan County
Inez Burns   I Submitted by Betty Boone Best
Gertrude Andrews Gibson Remembers M/B Nellie Gibson Jones & Ruth Gibson Dew, 4 pp.
Joel Carr  O Died 21 Nov 1903, submitted by Wilma Moore
The James Calloway Gibson Family Bible  G Copied August 2000 by Jim Shular.
Rev. Caleb Rule  O W. H. Lewellyn, Florence Evans, Arlie Baker
Civil War and Genealogy, Sevier County  G Charles G. Hurst, Jr., 4 pp w/pics
Hall’s Top Remembered  M Juanita Reed, 3 pp w/pics
Setting It Straight – Adams Family  G J. Pauline Risner
Pauline Francis Risner  O Died August 14, 2001
Elizabeth Angeline Brown Roberts  B Charles N. Roberts, 2pp
North Callahan Honored With Portrait at UT-C   I Author of SMHS Smoky Mountain Country
Obits – Nancy Ann Whitehead Oliver, Mary Sellars &  O Charlie Fisher, Martha Jane Roberts, Lewis Trotter
Hand-Made Brick, McMahan Bros. & Dockery Kiln  H Vindicator, June 24, 1908, Contr. By Beulah Linn
2002 Volume XXVIII #2      32 pages  
Letters   I Five in response to past stories.
Discovering White Oaks Sinks  H Betty Boone Best, 6 pp w/pics
E. TN Marriages Found/War of 1812 Pension Recds.  G Sam Maner, Genealogist & Wayne Shaw, 2 pp
Justice of the Peace Courts   I Glenn Cardwell, 2 pp.
Obits – Bruce Harrison Atchley, Sr. and  O Blanche Runyon Chilton
Benjamin Langston, Union Soldier in the Civil War  B Sue S. Parton, 4 pp
History of Campground Methodist Church, 1807--  H (Author unknown) 3 pp. w/pic.
Jones Family Bible  G Contributed by Pollyanna Creekmore
Birthdates of Children to Robert Duggan. Sr.  G Contributed by Beulah Linn, Sevier CO. Historian
2002 Volume XXVIII #3      32 pages  
Letters   I Big Greenbriar, Rose Glen, Shadow of Smokies
The Huffstetler Brothers and the Civil War B/H Glenna Julian, 5 pp, w/pic.
The Trotter – McMahan House  H Robbie Jones, History & Architecture of Sevier Co. TN
McCeldry Cemetery M/G Ruby Clabo Hall, 5 pp w/pics
State Summary of Tennessee War Casualties  G Blount, Cocke, Sevier Counties, U. S. Navy 1946
Obits, Dodgen, Keener, Luther, Joslin, McClary &  O Sutton
The WW II Honor List of Dead and Missing  G Contributed by Dr. Elmer A. Greene, MD, 4 pp.
Melungeons In General  H The Appalachian Quarterly, Sept 2002.
2002 Volume XXVIII #4      32 pages  
Headrick Chapel – Symbol of Rural East Tennessee  H David Frye, 5 pp w/piHeadrick Chapel announcement.cs.
Ancestor Certificates   I Headrick Chapel announcement.
Friends of Headrick Chapel News Releas I/H Nat’l Registry of Historic Places Listing, 2 pp
Church Record – Headrick Chapel – 1902 I/H List of contributors to building Chapel.
Church Record – Headrick Chapel – 1908 I/H List of contributors for Chapel bell.
Church Record – Headrick Chapel -  (no date) I/H List of contributors for Chapel addition.
William Headrick  B Jim Shular, 2 pp.
Killed In A Raid–Attempt Bank of Sevierville Robbery  H Maryville Times, 1899, 4pp w/pics
The Stuff of Legends – C. B. McCarter M/B Glenda McCarter Johnson, 3 pp
Daisy  M Bonnie Trentham Myers
2003 Volume XXIX #1      32 pages  
Fort Harry, Tennessee (In Great Smokies Nat’l Park)  H Pete Prince, Ghost Towns In The Great Smokies
Rev. War Pension Appl. Of John McCroskey B/H August 1832, 3 pp.
Annie Mae Emert, Widow of Korean War POW, Dies  O 81, died January 27, 2003
American Graves Regis. Command – Cocke, Sevier G/H WW II buried overseas, MIA or buried at sea, 4 pp.
Tallassee, Tennessee  H Betty Boone Best, 3 pp w/pics
Spencer Clack Marker Unveiled I/H Sevier County Record-Republican Nov. 11, 1931
President’s Annual Report   I Glenn Cardwell, President, 2 pp.
2003 Volume XXIX #2      32 pages  
Beulah D. Linn Obit & Tribute O/B Tribute by Ruth Shields Ownby, 2 pp. w/pic
Malinda Beck, Early Obit (1883)  O From Antioch Baptist Church minutes.
Address of General E.E. Creswell  H cont. from Spring 2003 Journal, fr Rowena McFalls
Early General Stores in Louisville Tennessee  H By Betty Boone Best, 6 pp. w/pics
Chilhowee (Tallassee) Baptist Church Cemetery  G Herman & Betty Boone Best, 2pp. w/pic
Mary Maria Trotter Garrison, Early Obit (1922) O/B From Methodist Advocate Journal, 1923
James Adam Thomas, Early Obit (1925)  O Tennessee Genealogical & Historical Society
American Graves Registration Command-Blount Co.  R Blount County Dead, WWII, 9 pp.
2003 Volume XXIX #3      32 pages  
Texans Visit Sam Houston’s Home Site  I/H By Betty Boone Best, 4 pp. w/pics.
Book Review, Best Yet Stories of Early Life   I By Bonnie Trentham Myers, 220 pp.
Obit: Gerry Large Amos  O 81, died February 25, 2003.
Benjamin Stinnett B/G By Margaret Stinnett, 4 pp, w/pic.
Book Review: Mountaineers of the Smokies   I By Margaret Stinnett, 330 pp.
American Graves Registration – Blount County G/H Contributed by Dr. Elmer A. Green, MD, 9 pp.
Obit: Omajane Overton Meridieth  O 82, died July 9, 2003
Obit: Carol Jane Whitehouse  O 86, died August 9, 2003
Submitting Articles for Publication   I Illustration of 23 generations of ancestors.
2003 Volume XXIX #4      32 pages  
Sleds and Wagons  H By Bobby Loveday 4 pp. w/pics
Old Time Crafts Alive And Well   I Pics/ 2003 Christmas Past Celebration, GSMNP
Farewell, Lucinda  O Jim Shular Eulogy of Lucinda Ogle w/pic.
In Remembrance of Lucinda Oakley Ogle  O Linda James
Elmer Mize Obituary  O  
Book Review: Mountain Berry Baskets & Poetry   I Book by Bill Alexander
Autumn Picnic In Cocke County   I Aileen Fowler, 5 pp. w/pics of 2003 picnic.
Early Layman Families  G Earl R. Layman, 7 pp. w/extensive footnotes.
2004 Volume XXX #1         32 pages  
Inez Elizabeth Burns    1907 – 2004  B By Betty Boone Best, 7 pp. w/pics
Brickey Cemetery in Tuckaleechee Cove  G Update by Herman & Betty Boone Best, 3 pp.
Some East Tennesseans Awarded DSC, WW I  I/H 2 pp.
Pink Roses M/H By Shirley Hembree, 2 pp.
Ella Costner – Poet Laureate of the Smokies  B By R. Glenn Cardwell, 4 pp. w/pics
Crime and Punishment in Knoxville, TN 1793-1797  H Abstracted from court records, 7 pp.
Obituary – Ina Walker King  O  
Obituary – Roma Annice Wear Thomas  O  
2004 Volume XXX #2         32 pages  
Farewell to Martha  I/H By Michael Baumstark, 2 pp. w/pics
The Ijams Passenger Pigeon (Picture of)  I/H By Michael Baumstark, 2 pp. w/pics
The Autobiography of James Shelton  B By James Shelton 5 pp.
In Memory of Margaret Ann Roth  O By R. Glenn Cardwell, 2 pp. w/pic.
Scott Ellis  O October 18, 1951 – June 21, 2004.
Smoky Mountain Family Names and Family Origins I/G By Jack W. Weaver, Winthrop University, 4 pp.
GSMNP WW II Newsletter I/G By Jack W. Weaver, Winthrop University, 4 pp
GSMNP WW II Newsletter I/H By “The Gang”, 2+ pp.
In Memoriam – Estel Otha Ownby  O November 25, 1910 – April 19, 2004.
Florence Cope Bush  O March 29, 1933 – July 20, 2004.
In the Smokies, A Trip to Gregory’s Bald in 1896 I/H Clinton Republican 8-9-1900, from Betty B. Best
2004 Volume XXX #3         32 pages  
Burns Family Cemetery  G By Betty Boone Best, 4 pp, w/pic
Helen Callahan Obit  O September 29, 2004.
Secretary of State Announcement   I Three Pubs. On TN History & Historical Records.
Dr. Marion Scott Moffett Obit  O Co-Author of East Tennessee Cantilever Barns.
Mary Ruth Williams Obit  O September 13, 2004.
Isham C. Hodges G/H By John R. Hodges, 3 pp, w/query context.
Rev. John Henry Wright–Images of a Life of Service  M 5 pp. 19 selected photos from Wright Collection.
From the Mountains to a Mansion B/H By Carolyne Ivey Knowles & Gwen Ivey Sapp,5pp.
Covemont Presbyterian Church, Photo  M Landscape, ca, 1925 in Rocky Flats, Wears Valley.
2004 Volume XXX #4         32 pages  
Autobiography of James Shelton -  Part II B/H By James Shelton 4 pp.
Tanasqui: Glimpse of Sevier County 437 Years Ago  H By E. Raymond Evans, 10 pp.
North Callahan Obituary  O 2 pp. w/pic.
Cherel Henderson – New Director of ETHS   I Former editor of SMHS Newsletter/Journal
Virgil F. Carmichael ObituaryRobbie Rainwater Obituary  O Incl. Judge & Mrs. Carmichael pic.
Robbie Rainwater Obituary  O  
Mrs. B. A. Proffitt Drowns – (1889)   I Sevier County Republican – Friday Nov. 29, 1889
David Harkness, Historian – Obituary  O  
Time  M Sevier County – S.C. Republican, April 18,1890
Inman Family Bible  G Transcribed by Larry Fox, 1 pp.
Festival of Christmas Past Celebrated   I By Jim Shular
Author Identified   I Thanks Kay Fisher, Clinton Co.(Ohio)Hist. Society
Myers Family Bible  G Copied by James E. Shuler, Dec. 5, 2004
2005 Volume XXXI #1         32 pages  
The Harrisburg Community  H By Beulah D. Linn, 5 pp. w/pics.
Henderson Bible Record  G From Bonita McMahan Rough, 1 pp.
Ancestors of Staci Kay Rhea  G From Staci Kay Rhea, 3 pp.
Bible of Persada J. Dill  G Contributed by Larry Fox, 1 pp. w/pic.
Johnston and Agnes Myrtle Jones Family Bible  G Copied by Jim Shular 1999, 3 pp. w/graphics.
Interesting Letter from Texas  H Charles B. Fox, Sevier Co. Republican, 8/30/1889
Andy Turner and Myrtle Shular Family Bible  G Copied by Jim Shular, 12/4/2004, 1 pp.
Descendants of John and Mary Cole  G Frederick Hyzny, 4 pp. w/pic.
Dixon Family Papers Found in English Loft G/H From Mike O’Donnell, United Kingdom, 1 pp.
2005 Volume XXXI #2         32 pages  
James Logan Harris 1827 -1917 G/H By John S. Harris, 3 pp. w/pics.
Mary Noailles  Murfree  H By Russ Clement, 5 pp. w/pics.
Do We Still Have Stills?  H By Betty Boone Best, 3 pp. w/pic.
The Mystery of Dorothy Randolph Haggard  G By Gina K. Fox, 2 pp.
Alice Sharp Obit (1918)  O  
Blount Historian Honored (Inez Burns) I/H Three pictures with captions.
Jane Kizer Named New Blount County Historian   I Betty Boone Best, pics.
Dr. Sarah B. McNiell New Maryville Historian   I Betty Boone Best, pics.
Obit: Herbert Frank Lawson  O One page w/pic.
John Mullendore Dead (1889) H/O Sevier County Republican, Friday Nov. 15, 1889
J. R. Sharp, Obit. (1915)  O Died Saturday, July 10, 1915.
William Clabough Obit (1918)  O Two testimonials, J.O. Cox, Pastor.
2005 Volume XXXI #3         32 pages  
The Tennessee & North Carolina Railway Company  H By John (Pete) Ascher, 8 pp. w/many pics
Fox Family Additions  G Larry D. Fox, 2+ pp.
Court Minutes, Cocke Co. Vol. I, Deed Book “E” R/H Trans. Nancy Lampson O’Neil, 7 pp. to be cont.
Unmarked Grave: Remembering American Patriot B/H Book Review – Debra Pack Gilberstadt  1+ p.
Malinda Jane Adams Carnes B/G By Sharon Rose, 4 pp. w/pic
Obit – Agnes Bowers Jenkins  O  
2005 Volume XXXI #4         32 pages  
The Palen Fence  H E. Raymond Evans, 9 pp. w/many pics
From South Carolina To The Smokies  G Compiled by Barbara McCarter Koffman, 2 pp.
Quarterly Court Minutes –Cocke County H/R Transcribed by Nancy Lampson O’Neil, 10 pp.
Deane Levi, Mamie Watson Obits  O  
The Huff Family H/G R. Glenn Cardwell, 2 pp.
2006 Volume XXXII #1         32 pages  
Aaron Rule & His Ancestors  G Gina Fox, 3 pp.
Down Memory Lane – Part V B/H Ezalee Kear Spencer, 5 pp.
Murphy Family of Waldens Creek  G Roy C. Siple, 8 pp. w/pics.
Ferrell H. Campbell Reminiscences, 1898-1902 B/H Ferrell H. Campbell, 7 pp.
Robert A. Pennington Obituary  O Bagpiper Extraordinary
2006 Volume XXXII #2         32 pages  
Down Memory Lane, Part VI B/H Ezalee Kear Spencer, 4 pp, w/pics
Childhood Memories of Life on The Farm B/H Sharon Rose, 2 pp.
Obituary – Peter “Pete” Hayden Prince  O By Glenn Cardwell, 1 pp. w/pic
A Smoky Mountain Trip In 1938 B/H By Richard Kauffman, 10 pp. w/pics.
Ruth Large Obituary  O  
Boyd’s Creek  H By Jim Buckenmyer, 2 pp. w/pics
Blount, Cocke and Sevier Countians fr VA in 1850  G 4 pp.
2006 Volume XXXII #3         32 pages  
Pioneer Travels In 1804: An Addendum G/H Barbara McCarter, Koffman 2pp.
Map of the United States in 1825  H  
Lawson Madron G/B Dallas Madron, 4.5 pp
Book Review: The Drifters   I Rose Mary Lawson
The Other Carnes Family H/B Marilyn Baker, 6 pp.
Dedication of Jonathan Mize’s Headstone 5-22-2004   I James W. Mize, Jr., 6 pp. w/pics
In Old Tennessee – a Poem H/I Alfred Biddleton McCreay revised by Stanley Mize
2006 Volume XXXII #4         32 pages  
Down Memory Lane – Part VII B/H Ezalee Kear Spencer, 1.5 pp.
Nancy Sutton  O Sevier County Republican, June 7, 1911
In Memoriam – Mrs. Nancy Huffaker Keener  O Sevier County Republican, March 1, 1911
Free Family Descendents 1787 - 2006  G Grace Free Parkhill, 7 pp.
The Old Soldier  H Sevier County Republican, May 7, 1913
Anderson McMillan and His Descendants  G 10 pp. compiler uncertain.
Patsy Temple Waters Obit  O w/pic
2007 Volume XXXIII #1         32 pages  
Camp LeConte for Boys – Elkmont Tennessee  H Part 1, 13 pp. w/pics
Announcements   I Mize Reunion / Wilderness Week Thanks 2 pp.
My Heritage (Poem) P/M Sharon Rose, July 1, 1976
Book Review – The Highway To Seclusion I/H Reviewed by Rose Mary Lawson
Anderson McMillan and his Descendents (conclusion)  G 6 pp. found in archives of GSMNP library.
2007 Volume XXXIII #2         40 pages  
Down Memory Lane, Part VIII B/H Ezalee Kear Spencer, 4.5 pp.
Chastain Family Reunion   I Carrie Chastain, Pierre Chastain Family Assn
The Forgotten Basket of the Smoky Mountains I/H Bill Alexander, 3 pp. w/pics.
Camp LeConte for Boys – Elkmont Tennessee  H Part 2, 14 pp. w/pics. Conclusion
Doris Faye Duggan Green, 78 Obit  O May 26, 2006, Sherwood Memorial Gardens
Hillis Blackburn Bettis, 87  – Obit  O February 13, 2007, Clark’s Grove Cem, Blount County
Marjorie Fine Lafollette, 84  – Obit  O February 7, 2007, Shiloh Cemetery, Pigeon Forge
Dinner At The Governors, SMHS Fall Picnic Sept. 2006   I at Old Home Place of John Sevier, 3 pp. all pics.
2007 Volume XXXIII #3         32 pages  
Descendents of Matthew Rainwater  G Jean Brand, 13 pp. Extensive detail
Search for the Whaley DNA  G Charles Michael Whaley, Most unusual request.
Book Review: A Trace of Smoke   I Rose Mary Lawson
A Granddaughter Remembers: Vera Barnes Moore  B Charlotte Leibrock, 3pp.
Dragged To Death By A Mule H/I Sevier County Republican, June 24, 1914
Obits: Paul Pardue, Christine Thomas, Betty Davis  O  
The Hubbard Carnes Family G/H Gina K. Fox, 3 pp. w/pic.
2007 Volume XXXIII #4         32 pages  
Cattle Drive to Hangover Mountain B/H Vic Weals, 7 pp. w/pics & diags.
Down Memory Lane - Part IX  (Conclusion) B/H Ezalee Kear Spencer, 5 pp.
Games of Mountain Children B/H Sharon Rose, 3 pp.
The Cutshaws of America  G Bill Cutshaw, 2 pp.
Audley Thompson, Juanita Lundy Obits  O w/pics.
Cemetery Updates – William Cole & Williams-Ramsey   I  
Arthur Stanley Rainwater Obit  O  
2008 Volume XXXIV #1&2      60 pages  
The Waldens Creek Bridge – A Lone Survivor  H Jim Shular 3 pp. – 4 pics.
The Little Pigeon River Bridge at Laurel  H 2 pp. of pics
The Clear Creek Bridge, Cocke County  H 1 pp, pics.
Sevier Church Records in Antique Mall  H Jim Shular
The Reformation  H Peggy Dale Chapman, 5 pp.
Vacation Time B/H Margaret Ogle Cobb, 9 pp. w/.pics.
Demerius McFalls B/H Earl Ogle, 3 pp. w/pics.
Obit: Doris Hill Catlett  O Died May 23, 2008
Tramping in the Great Smokies B/H Laura Thornborough, 3 pp.
Obit: Carolyn Reno Greene  O Died January 30, 2008
Jordan and Nancy Ann Williams of Jones Cove G/H 4 pp. w/pics, submitted by Betty Boone Best
The Sad Odyssey of an Old Rocker  H Theresa Williams
1860 Sevier Cnty Census-Hshold Heads fr Other States  G 8 pp., copied by Betty Boone Best
History of the Cardwell Family G/H R. Glenn Cardwell, 3 pp.
Hunting for John Grider’s Roots  G Sharon McGriff-Payne
2008 Volume XXXIV #3&4      60 pages  
Hiram Bogle 1818-1885 G/H James G. Bogle, 20 pp. w/pics
James Golden Bogle Descendancy Chart  G 1 pp.
Civil Districts In Blount County, TN   I 1 pp.
Blount County – 1923   I 1 pp.
James Drake  G Jo Drake 2pp. Seeks info.
Richard Herr Kauffman is 91    I Congratulations from SMHS Journal Editor.
Forks of Little Pigeon Delegates to Baptist Assn to 1807  H Elaine R. Wells & Beulah D. Linn, 2 pp.
Book Review – One German Emigrant   I Larry D. Fox, Reviewed
Cemeteries in Blount Section of GSMNP   I Excerpted by Betty Boone Best, 1pp.
Ruth Hazel Shields Ownby obit  O Prepared by Robert M. Beckwith
Mystery Photo Site Revealed   I Big Pigeon River Bridge, Newport TN.
Edward C. Huffaker, Aviation Pioneer  H Theresa Williams, 2pp. w/pics.
Edward Huffaker  B Dr. Bob Gardner, 2 pp. w/pic.
Gardner C. Clabo, Obit  O  
Dr. Elmer A. Greene, MD, Obit  O  
Book Review—Past Times   I James Shular, Reviewed
50th Anniversary of the Great Flood of ‘38’  H James Shular, 7 pp. w//pics.
The Great Flood of ‘38’  H Margaret Crabtree & Omajane Meridieth, 5 pp. pics.
The Maples of Sevier County, Tennessee Before 1807 G/H Charlene Clower, 1 pp., seeks more info.
2009 Volume XXXV #1         32 pages  
Miranda of the Mountains, A Smoky Mountain Diary B/H Betty Boone Best, 6 pp. Part I
John H. Carnes 1833 – 1915 B/H Brenda Carnes 6+ pp.
Evelyn Gilbert, Nora DeArmond Obituaries  O  
Life In Nough (Slabtown) and Midway in Cocke County B/H Barbara Woody Lowe, 10 pp. w/pics
2009 Volume XXXV #2         32 pages  
Message from the President, SMHS   I Chase Earl Alexander Pipes, 2 pp.
Miranda of the Mountains - A Smoky Mountain Diary B/H Betty Boone Best, Part II, 6 pp.
White Cap Memories  H Drew Hines, 2 pp. w/pic.
The Andes Family of Sevier County, Tennessee G/H Roy C. Siple, 8pp. w/pics.
Stella Underwood, 1912 – 2009  O Dwight Sheperd
Morgantown Quakers G/H Ralph H. Lee, 4 pp. w/pic.
In Memory of Jake Hedrick  O Montgomery’s Vindicator, Dec. 24, 1924
2009 Volume XXXV #3         32 pages  
To the free People of America  H Chase Earl Alexander Pipes, 4 pp, pic.
Coming Home to the Tennessee Hills B/H Karen Spencer, 8 pp. w/pics.
SMHS Vice-President Fred T. Lawson Obit  O 1 pp. w/pic.
Speleogenealogy  An Unusual New (Old) Resource  H Douglas Plemons, 6 pp.
Miranda of the Mountains - A Smoky Mountain Diary B/H Betty Boone Best, Part III, 5 pp.
2009 Volume XXXV #4         32 pages  
Miranda of the Mountains - A Smoky Mountain Diary B/H Betty Boone best, Conclusion, 5 pp. w/pics.
Some Bird Bits (News items re: Bird Family)  H published between 1818 – 1925. 3 pp.
Gladys Trentham Russell Obit  O  
Gerald H. Bailey Obit  O  
Shared Memories --- Celebrations  H R. Glenn Cardwell, 10 pp.
Early Plemons/Plemmons in Sevier county  G Douglas Plemons, 3 pps.
2010 Volume XXXVI #1         32 pages  
Letter from the President , SMHS   I Chase Earl Alexander Pipes
Decoration Day – An Old Sevier County Custom  H Beulah D. Linn, Sevier County Historian, 1 pp.
Banner Church Photo – Decoration or Memorial Day  H Shows congregation outside church, ca: 1900’s
Kodak Milling Company  H James Caul Thomas, 3 pp. w/pics.
The Miller’s Daughters – Recipes   I 3 pps.
Melba Louise Waddell Bailey Obituary  O  
CCC Company 1462, Cosby Tennessee  H History, Roster, 3 pps. w/roster & pics.
Dr. John Sevier Burnett  H Rev. Alta Chase Raper, 7 pps.
2010 Volume XXXVI #2         32 pages  
Smoky Mountain Academy 1915 -1960  H Various authors, pics. List of graduates, 11 pps.
Kathryn Grayson Obit  O  
Mother of King’s Mountain, Part I  H Fred Weyler, 7 pps.
Marcia M. Allen, Mary Finchum, Ernestine Pierce Long  O  
Ancestors of Dio Cleason Robertson  G Robert S. Allen, 2/7/1804 – 5/11/1891 4 pps.
2010 Volume XXXVI #3         32 pages  
Mother of King’s Mountain, Part II  H Fred Weyler, 6 pps. w/pics.
Ancestral Roots in Cocke County, Tennessee G/H Mary Sharon McAley, 4 pps. w/pics
Odd Fellows  H R. Glenn Cardwell, 4 pps, w/pics.
Visit With Zenith and Maud Whaley  H R. Glenn Cardwell, 4 pps. w/pic.
CCC, Company 1213, Cosby, Tennessee  H History, Roster, 3 pps. w/roster & pics.
Edna Pauline Reedy, Jennie Frazier Goodman, Obits  O  
Robert Earl Ogle, Sr. Obit  O Pic., Earl Ogle & sister, Louise Cannon, 6/23/2007
2010 Volume XXXVI #4         32 pages  
The Cole Family G/H Robert C. Owenby, 4 pps., w/pic.
Trula Cole Ownby B/H Trula Cole Ownby, 14 pps.
A Grave Not Forgotten H/G Karen Cope Dawsey, 3 pps. w/pic.
In Memory of Zenith Whaley   I Glenn Cardwell, 2 pps.
Obituary of Valentine and Nancy Nichols Mattox  O James D. Lawson, The Republican, Oct. 7 1887
Marion Elizabeth Oates Obit  O  
Pollyanna Creekmore Obit  O  
2011 Volume XXXVII #1         32 pages  
Saving Lucinda’s Cabin   I Gatlinburg Garden Club, w/pic.
Queenie – Queen Victoria Woodruff H/G Karen Cope Dawsey, 5 pp. w/pic.
John P. Ascher – Obituary  O 1 pp. w/pic.
Charles Edward Maples – Obituary  O  
The Wades of Sevier County Tennessee H/G Dwight Wade Jr. 3 pp. w/pics.
Sevier/Blount Co Family Descendents Become Presidents  H Jerry L. Wear, 2 pp.
McMahans of Jackson County Alabama  G Robert G. & Doris Palmer, 5 pp.
Tennessee and The Westward Movement  H Walter T. Durham, 4 pp. w/pics.
Effie Jane Suttles – Obituary  O  
Mary Kathleen Townsend – Obituary  O  
Mystery Photo   I  
2011 Volume XXXVII #2         32 pages  
Shared Memories of Hog Killing   I R. Glenn Cardwell, 2 pp.
Callie Crowson Temple Obit  O  
Mountain Paths  H Karen Cope Dawsey, 2 pp.
Our Southern Highlanders  H Robert Parke, 7 pp. w/pic.
Roaring Fork School – Fifty Years Ago (1927) B/H Herbert Clabo, 3 pp. w/pic.
Bank Robbers Intercepted (1899)  H Contributed by Ruby Henderson Sims, 2 pp.
Sue Shelley Parton Obit  O  
Store Britches 1930’s Play Announcement   I  
Jeremiah Johnson Wade 1832 – 1910  B Dwight Wade Jr., 5 pp.
2011 Volume XXXVII #3&4      108 pages  
From The Editor, Special Civil War Edition   I Jim Shular, 1 pp.
Fair Garden “One of the nicest battles we ever fought”  H Don Sheridan, 14 pp. w. Bibliography
Isaac Miller and the Dogwood Tree G/H Bobby Miller, 2 pp.
Pat Cleburne and Missionary Ridge  H R. Smith Murray, 6 pp. incl. Bibliography
Lauderdale Among Civil War Casualties in Georgia  H Duay O’Neil, 2 pp. w/pic.
Toliver Wood – A Confederate Veteran B/H Duay O’Neil, 2 pp.
Men of the USCHA  H Becky Blankenship Darrell, 5 pp. incl. Table of Names
A letter From Greenlawn  H Duay O’Neil, 3 pp. w/pics.
Shaping The Civil War In Upper East Tennessee  H E. Raymond Evans, 10 pp. w/pics.
Captain Robert A. Ragan of Cocke Couny B/H Duay O’Neil, 5 pp. w/pic.
The Skirmish At The Shultz Mill On Cosby Creek  H Gene Branam, 4 pp. w/pics.
Greenberry Payne, Civil War Soldier G/B Betty Boone Best, 2 pp.
A Soldier At Thirteen – Dead At Fourteen  H Beulah Karr, 1 pp.
The Whipping of George Shultz  H Duay O’Neil, 2 pp. w/pics.
Civil War Fratricide In East Tennessee  H North Callahan 7 pp. w/pic.
Capt. Edwin Allen & Co. C, 26th Tennessee Volunteers  H Duay O’Neil, 5 pp.
Obit. Last 2 Surviving Civil War Vets. of Sevier Cnty.  O Beulah P. Linn, 1 pp.
Brother Against Brother  G Gladys Trentham Russell, ½ pp.
City’s Last Union Vet Gravely Ill B/H Walter T. Pulliam, 1½ pp
David Benjamin Springfield Sorrell B/H Duay O’Neil, 2½ pp.
Tennessee Teens In The Civil War  H Calvin Dickinson Ph.D.
Augustus Wetter And The Civil War B/G Sara Shea, 2 pp.
Confederate Soldier Honored I/H LouAnn Waters Dykhouse, 3 pp. w/pic.
The Hanging of Peter Reece G/H Duay O’Neil, 3 pp.
Letters From The Past  H Contributed by Don Sheridan, 2 pp. w/pics
More Murphys  H Helen Murphy Allen, 1 pp. w/pic.
Escaped Federal Prisoner of War In the ET Mntns  H R. Raymond Evans, 4 pp. w/pics.
The News From East Tennessee – New York Times  H New York Times, 3 pp.
The War Of The Rebellion  H Jim Shular, 1 pp.
Among Loyal Mountaineers  H Will A. McTeer, 4 pp. w/map.
Civil War Facts From East Tennessee Almanac  H Researched by Betty Boone Best, 1 ½ pp.
The Huffstetler Brothers and the Civil War H/G Glenna Julian, 1 ½ pp.
2012 Volume XXXVIII #1         32 pages  
The Trundle Family of Sevier and Blount County, Part 1 H/G Dwight Wade Jr., 9 pp.
Obituary—Katherine Marie Fox Cherokee Indian Blood  H Donald B. Reagan, 3 pp. w/2 documents
The Reverend Caleb Rule H/G R. Harold Jenkins, 6 pp. w/pic
Israel Carver And Mary Bradley Carver H/G Karen Cope Dawsey, 4 pp. w/pic.
2012 Volume XXXVIII #2         32 pages  
The Trundle Family—Part 2 H/G Dwight Wade Jr. 6 pp.
Col. James Bogle Obituary  O  
Nathan Sparks Family of Cades Cove H/G Larry D. Sparks 9 pp. w/pics
Obits—Maxine Seaton Smith, Jane Crouch Williams  O  
Obits—Laura Jane Trotter Rullman  O  
Arriving At Pittman Center  H Dr. Robert F. Thomas 2 pp. w/pic
Obits—Dorothy Ann Boring Boone, Zina Lindsey Davis  O  
Happy Birthday Uncle Wash  G Karen Cope Dawsey 3 pp.
2012 Volume XXXVIII #3         32 pages  
New Trail Through Arch Rock – 1933  H Laura Thornburgh 3 pp, w/pic
Alum Cave Bluff (Photograph)   I From Thompsons Photos of Knoxville
The Mining of Alum Cave  H Gary C. Jenkins 5 pp.
A Granddaughter Tells About The Civil War  H Betty Boone Best 3 pp.
Gooder N’ Candy and Better N’ Snuff  M Karen Cope Dawsey 2 pp.
Anti  Cigarette Bill   I ½ pp
The Origin of the Name Payne I/G 1 pp.
Payne Family Roots  G Various Sources Excerpted + Addendum, 5 pp.
Obit – Florence Carr Huskey Trentham  O  
2012 Volume XXXVIII #4         36 pages  
The War of 1812   H Roland Caldwell 9 pp. w/pics
Some East Tennesseans In The War of 1812 G/H Robert M. Beckwith, abstracted, 17 pp.
The Hopkins Family   G Bess Ford Wilde, 2 pp.
Queries   G Five entries
2013 Volume XXXIX #1         32 pages  
Map of the Creek Indian War Campaign   H Drawing of Gulf of Mexico Border Sates
Thomas J. Ogle – Soldier In The War of 1812   G Theresa Williams, 1 pp.
How Am I Related to Thomas J. Ogle  H/I From SMHS Newsletter – July 1973, ½ pp.
War of 1812 – Sevier Companies  H/I George Fox, 14 pp.
Handkerchiefs  H/I Karen Cope Dawsey, 3 pp/pics.
Warm Welcome For A Young Historian    I Donna Stinnett, 1pp, w/pic
Cocke County Soldiers In The War of 1812    I Ruth Webb O’Dell book abstraction. ½ pp.
Betty Fox Lewelling Obit   O  
Whaley Reunion Notice    I  
2013 Volume XXXIX #2         32 pages  
Editor’s Note   I Jim Shular, 2 pp w/pic
I Want To Go Back  M E.E. Patton, 2 pp
E. E. Patton—1874—1961 B/G 1 pp.
Lydia Kear Whaley B/M Simeon Huskey, grandson, 1 pp.
Ernie Pyle’s Visit To Cocke County  H Gene Branam, 2 pp w/pic of Ernie.
Missing Reagan Records Found  G Donald B. Reagan, 9 pp.
Ancestry of Timothy Reagan  G Donald B. Reagan, 8 pp.
Lydia Carr-Kear Whaley  H ½ pp. w/pic of “Aunt Lyddie”